The Cat Burglars

By Amy Flanagan

Part Two

The van sped through the night. On board, apart from the driver, were the young cat burglars Kate, Emma and Sharon, clad in their trademark skin-tight black catsuits. With them was their captive, Jodie Gurney.

The girl was completely naked and utterly helpless. She was hogtied, so stringently that her back arched. Her knees were tied tightly together. Her arms were tied even more tightly, with her elbows forced to touch, and her fingers immobilised with sticky tape. She was well gagged, with her cheeks bulging from the foul rag stuffed into her mouth and held in with more tape. Her eyes were covered with goo, which by now had set hard, sealing them shut, and for good measure there was a scarf wrapped tightly around them. To add even more pain to her torturous bondage, she had large silver chess pieces forced into her most intimate openings, held in with yet more tape. She could do nothing to stop her captors playing with her breasts, forced by her elbow bondage to protrude unnaturally, or even utter a word of protest.

Of course, Jodie had no idea where they were when the van came to a halt briefly, then drove forwards again slowly and finally stopped. In fact, they had driven to an isolated and disused warehouse, and had stopped to allow the loading bay gates to open before driving inside. Once the engine was switched off, the burglars and their driver unloaded their loot. To the driver's disappointment, he was not asked to help with Jodie. Emma and Sharon lifted her out, and then rolled her naked body over the cold rough concrete floor and out of the bay. Once they were finished, the driver got back into the stolen van, and headed through the darkness to a car-breaking yard to sell it.

"Now, girl," said Sharon, "let's get you ready to be photographed." That puzzled Jodie. Once again, all the tape was ripped off Jodie's face, regardless of how it hurt, and the rag was pulled out of her mouth. Jodie started yelling, but the women knew that nobody else could hear. Her yells redoubled when Emma yanked the strip of tape from Jodie's crotch and pulled out the chess pieces. Sharon pulled the scarf from Jodie's eyes, but Jodie could not open them because of the lumps of hardened goo. "We'll send some photos of you like this to your parents," explained Sharon as Kate took photos from several angles. If they see you all naked and helpless like this, lying on a concrete floor, they may be a little more prompt in paying a decent ransom."

Jodie had calmed down slightly, but she yelled anew when Emma started whipping her breasts. "Perfect," said Kate as she snapped Jodie's anguish. "That distressed expression should really get your parents worried!"

Kate downloaded the photos from the camera onto a PC, and processed them to remove the details of the camera that she had used. It was of course stolen, like the PC, and not traceable to her, but she never took any chances. She then e-mailed them to Mr. Gurney's firm, with a demand for enough money to keep the three women in comfort for some time. The system sent no headers with the message, to make it harder to trace where they were sent from. If anyone did manage to trace the message, it would appear to come from North Korea. The payment had to be made to a bank in Venezuela, from where it would be sent on a complicated journey that would foil anyone trying to locate it.

While Kate was doing that, Emma and Sharon started to prepare Jodie for the next few hours. The women were all exhausted from their night's work and needed a rest, but they had to ensure that Jodie would be completely unable to escape for the next few hours. Equally importantly, as far as they were concerned, this was an opportunity not to be missed to have some fun with a beautiful and totally helpless victim.

Firstly, Jodie's legs were undone, and then spread painfully far apart and held in position by ropes tied to rings screwed into the wall. This made it easy for Emma to force in a dildo far larger than the chess piece that had been there before. Well, it would have been easy if the dildo hadn't been quite so huge, but Jodie could do little to resist, except shout, and Emma paid no attention to the shouting. Several tight rubber bands went around the base of each of Jodie's breasts, already thrust out by the elbow bondage, making them bulge even more.

Sharon and Emma undid Jodie's legs, turned her over and tied them again, well spread. By then, Kate had finished with the photos and took her turn, forcing in an unlubricated butt plug. Jodie enjoyed that even less than the dildo, but that only increased the fun for the three women. Once the plug was right in, they took turns to rub her bottom.

Undoing Jodie's legs, they dragged her to her feet. She stood there rather shakily. By now, her distorted breasts had turned a bit blue, but not dangerously so. Unable to see a thing, she was taken completely by surprise when Emma clamped a crocodile clip on her right nipple. "You know, this breast bondage means you have lots of blood in your breasts so they're more sensitive to pain," commented Emma cherily, ignoring the yelling that redoubled when a clip went on Jodie's right nipple.

Fed up with the yelling, the women grabbed Jodie and stuffed a sponge into her mouth, holding it in with a tight strap. The sponge would soak up all of Jodie's saliva, making her mouth very dry, but that was an advantage so far as they were concerned. Next came a tight cloth hood, covering Jodie's head completely. Combined with the gag, that would make it hard for Jodie to breathe, but not impossible. If she struggled too much, the breathing difficulty would soon make her stop. A wide leather collar, buckled tightly around her neck, helped to hold it on.

Tight ropes, well cinched, at her ankles and just above her knees, pinned her legs together. The women then laid her on her back on the concrete floor. A rope went around her knee bonds and through a loop on the front of her collar. "All together now, one, two, three," said Sharon, as she pulled on the rope and Kate and Emma lifted her legs. Soon Jodie's knees were under her chin, and her thighs were pressing against her chest, distorting her breasts even more. The nipple clamps dug in painfully. Sharon tied off the rope. She also joined Jodie's wrist and ankle bonds, forcing Jodie into a tight ball. The rope wrapped tightly all around Jodie's shins, body and arms was really overkill. It was thin, hard rope, intended as much to dig in painfully as to hold her more securely.

The women rolled the helpless girl around on the floor for a while, then shoved her head first into a small cage. It was a squeeze, but they got her in, and padlocked the cage door shut. The wires of the cage pressed into Jodie's naked body. Then they put a hook on the end of a chain through a ring on the top of the cage. Starting an electric motor raised the cage on a chain until it was high in the air. In the incredibly unlikely event that Jodie could get herself free and get out of the cage, it would be a long way down. Finally, Sharon pressed a button on a remote control and the vibrators in the dildo and plug buried deep within Jodie's body sprung into life.

With Jodie secure and destined for a most uncomfortable night, the women went to bed.

To be continued...

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