The Massage Parlour

Amy Flanagan


Why should men have all the fun? Girls can enjoy a massage parlour too, you know. It's not that I have any difficulty finding boyfriends. Though I say so myself, with my perfect figure and schoolgirl looks I can get all the men I want. The thing is, men never know exactly how to satisfy me. That takes a girl the right sort of girl.


And so today I went, as I often did, to a certain basement flat for what I called my regular session. There was a young lady there called Mandy, who was the right sort of girl. She was an utter stunner, with her model figure, genuinely blonde hair and superb taste in lingerie and high heels. And she was great at doing exactly what I wanted. Clad in only a pair of black bikini briefs, I liked to be thoroughly hogtied, blindfolded and gagged. Once she had made me totally at her mercy and unable to resist, she would tease me until a moist patch developed on my briefs. So it was with great anticipation that I descended the familiar steps to the flat, and rang the doorbell.


The door was opened by a middle-aged woman. Mandy had always had the same maid in all the time that I had known her, and this woman was totally unfamiliar. For a second, I wondered if I was in the right place.


She beamed at me. "Ah yes, do come in," she urged. I stepped inside, and she closed the door behind us. "I'm afraid that Mandy is rather tied up herself today," she said, laughing at her own joke. I must have looked as disappointed as I felt, because she immediately continued, "Please don't worry; there's a surprise for you. We have a pair of identical twin girls here, and I can assure you they're both good, very good. Follow me please."


I followed her into the bedroom. "Just make yourself comfortable, and the girls will be along very soon," she said. "I can promise you an experience you will never forget."


What was the worst that could happen? That I wouldn't have as much fun as usual? It would certainly be an interesting novelty to have identical twins. So I took my scanty bikini briefs out of my handbag. I stripped off, folded up my clothes and put them on the bedside chair, and then I wriggled into the tight black Lycra briefs. Normally by this stage my nipples would be rock hard. Sad that they weren't yet, but I'd wait and see what happened.


Having changed, I sat on the bed, but I leapt to my feet when the door opened and two girls came in. They were sensational! Their figures were even better than Mandy's, which was saying something. Both had lustrous black hair tumbling over their shoulders. Both were stunningly dressed in basques, thongs, stockings and stiletto heels, all matching. One was clad all in bright red, the other in pale blue, and both were magnificent. Now I had hard nipples all right! The woman's promise looked likely to be fulfilled, in spades.


"Hello," said the one in pale blue, knowingly eying my breasts. She spoke with a foreign accent that I could not place. "We know that you have not met us before, but are we OK for you?"


"Yes, yes, fine," I said eagerly. "Please go ahead."


"That is great. Well then, please turn around and put your hands behind your back." I did so, and felt the hard cold steel as handcuffs were snapped about my left wrist. She pulled my wrists closer together and the handcuffs were around my right wrist as well, and then ratcheted tightly on both wrists. "These are very high security handcuffs," came that foreign accent. "There is no chain between the cuffs, so you are held quite rigidly." I flexed my arms experimentally and found that indeed I had very little room for movement.


"Now, if you will clench both your hands tightly into fists." I did so, and felt tape being wrapped tightly around each fist. The two girls working together soon had all my fingers absolutely paralysed and useless. More tape went around the two fists, holding them pressed tightly against each other


"Next, we will fix your elbows." I felt a strap being wrapped around each arm just above the elbows, pulled tight and buckled. Then, while one of the girls pushed my elbows together (and her hands felt so soft), the other one fiddled with the straps. "The straps are now held in contact," she explained. "Your elbows are now held close together, almost touching, so you should be able to do nothing with your arms. By the way, it makes your breasts stick out better." She seemed to be right on both counts. There was a strain on my shoulders, but I revelled in the sense of utter helplessness. I was getting much stricter and more thorough bondage than Mandy ever managed, and by two gorgeous girls instead of one. This should really be something!


"You will please lay yourself face down on the bed." I did so, and they helped me to be fully on the bed. One of them gave my bottom an affectionate rub. I was lying on my hard nipples, which was rather uncomfortable, but I was enjoying myself too much to worry about that. Then they pulled my legs wide apart, and one of them started to fasten a strap around my thigh, just above the knee.


"You're not going to hold my knees apart, are you?" I asked. "Mandy always ties them tightly together."


"Don't you ever want to try anything different?" came the reply. "This way your crotch will be wide open and exposed and I'm sure you'll appreciate the effect." OK, I was happy to give it a try. These girls really seemed to know what they were doing.


The strap was soon buckled tight. A strap went around the other thigh too. Looking over my shoulder, I saw that there was now a spreader bar holding my knees spread wide apart, with my legs almost at right angles. The girls each lifted an ankle, and bent my legs until they were near my bottom. As they did so, my thigh muscles grew shorter and wider, making the straps around my knees even tighter. One of them took a pair of manacles and wrapped its chain around the handcuffs. Holding on to an ankle each, the girls fastened the straps at each end of the manacles tightly around my ankles. I was now securely hogtied. Probably, I would be unable to move myself; certainly, with my legs spread wide, I could not roll over or crawl at all. They pressed my feet together, and soon a pair of toe cuffs held my big toes almost in contact.


One of the girls lifted up my shoulders, and the other one put some pillows under them to hold up my head. "Open your mouth very wide, now," said the first one. I did so, and the other girl started putting pieces of wet cloth into my mouth. She carried on doing this until my mouth was stuffed absolutely full and my cheeks bulged. A wide strap across my mouth, buckled tight behind my head, held in all the cloth securely.


"Next, we have this nice head harness." The girls were really going to town! Soon, my head was tightly swathed in leather straps. My mouth, chin and cheeks were covered in a muzzle that, combined with the gag, would silence me almost totally. Thick spongy pads were pressed against my eyes and made a very effective blindfold. They seemed to be making every effort to pull all the straps as tight as possible. A wide, stiff collar around my neck ensured that I could barely move my head. Never in my life had I been so thoroughly tied up, blindfolded, gagged and helpless. This was really it!


I heard the door open and someone else entering the room. Why were we being interrupted? Whoever it was said nothing, but I felt a hand, a rough hand very different from the girls' soft ones, tugging at the waistband of my briefs. Then I felt cold steel rubbing against me. The newcomer was cutting off my briefs! This wasn't what I wanted, nor did I want my briefs destroyed. I tried to struggle, but I was being held by what seemed like several pairs of hands. Some were soft, others were hard and rough. I tried to shout, but hardly any sound emerged. Soon, I felt my briefs being pulled away.


There was a strange sensation in my bottom. Someone was pushing something into me. It was too big to go in, and it hurt. Soon, I felt that I would be ruptured by this large intruding object, but the insertion just went on and on. Struggling was useless; try as I might, I was held too firmly to move and my best efforts to yell were totally muffled by the gag and muzzle. Whoever was pushing it in seemed determined to get it all the way in and heedless of whether it hurt me. Eventually, it was right inside me.


My upper body was lifted right up and I felt a wide band being wrapped around my torso and arms. When it was buckled tight, my arms were pressed firmly against my back. My torso was dropped, and my knees were lifted up. More bands went around each doubled up leg, pressing the backs of my thighs against the backs of my legs. Now I was completely and utterly immobilised, and could not even struggle.


I was lifted up and flipped onto my back. Despite my thorough bondage, I flinched as a searing pain went through my nipple. My shriek was reduced to a faint whimper by my gag and muzzle. The same thing happened as an equally ghastly pain went through my other nipple. Someone must have put crocodile clips on them; I could feel the sharp teeth biting brutally into my tender flesh.


A male voice spoke, with the same strange accent as the girls. "You must realise that you are now completely helpless and resistance is pointless. We will now take you away to somewhere we will not be disturbed or overheard so that we can remove your gag. You know quite a lot that we wish to know, and of course we have many ways of encouraging you to tell us. I do hope that you resist at first, because I shall have much pleasure in overcoming your resistance."


A rough, calloused hand massaged my most intimate area. "And there is also much pleasure I can have from a beautiful girl with her legs spread so wide."


The End?


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