A Late Summer Night’s Eve

by Abducted Damsel as Roxanne, as recounted to Victor Von Doum:

Illustration by Mike Lee



Chapter Three: New Sensations

Tom ponders the plight of his semi-willing captive. Having worked with her all summer, mentoring her and teaching her the way around a ranch, he respects her as least as much as he desires her. He changes his mind about the slim vibe’s destination and decides to use it in a much better orifice.

 I clinch my vaginal walls around the vibrator. It burns for a moment, then that begins to fade. I feel a finger reach around from the side and slide onto my clit, and I can now feel another finger bumping the vibrator. I almost come instantly, but he senses it and, stops the massaging, and pulls out the vibrator with a plop. 

"Tell you what little darlin’, you owe me one more orgasm first. How bad do you want to get off?"

 What—was this a joke? He knows I’m dying to cum.

"Here's the deal, I am going to doggie-style your pretty muffin like a porn star—and I will let you cum as many times as you can while I do it. If you agree, grunt once for yes, twice for no."

I really hate him at this moment. I do not want him to nail me like some slut. But my desire to cum far outweighs my ability to turn him down. UMPH: I hear a small chuckle from Tom as he bangs his dick on my thigh. Ever so slowly, he begins to press it into my tight, virginity-regained-for-the summer womanhood. I feel the heavy table move toward me and my knees move forward, thrusting my ass in the air; I feel the angle of the ropes around my cowgirl boots shift, and realize that Tom is getting me into position.

I try to force myself to relax as he suddenly pops inside me. AGHAGHAGH!!!  The burning is intense, but nothing I hadn’t experienced before, thank goodness. He slowly presses further inside me until his erect eight goes all the way in. Grabbing my hips, he begins to thrust in and out. I am just on the verge of a powerful orgasm when I feel Tom reach around, place the vibrator onto my swollen sex and...

He’s not in me for ten seconds before I explode. My sugar wall muscles clamp on his shaft and he isn’t even pumping me hard yet. I almost freeze as my orgasm overtook my body, biting down hard on my gags and screaming his name over and over.  Of course, nothing intelligible comes out. I buck and squirm for all I am worth. Not that I’d tell him, but it has been a while since I’ve been fucked into an orgasm.  And he has been teasing me for what seems like hours, a master of the sexual roller-coaster.  I am now almost sobbing, as I eventually float back down to earth. But Tom is still all business at this point.

He begins to pick up the pace, in and out, in and out. The initial burning in my pussy has subsided, and all I feel now is pleasure. And that vibe on my sex is warming me up—again. I am breathing heavy through my nose, and one particular brutal push sends me over the edge again. This time, there is no gentleness, just raw thrusting. I moan with passion as I ride out my second orgasm. Not as long lasting, but almost equally satisfying.

 "Why you little filly; come on, give me more," I hear Tom blurt out. 

I am a freshly minted college grad, professional and proper, but being called a little filly and then being nailed like a slut is really turning me on. I grunt into my gag and began to thrust back onto his dick, which, by the way, is still rock-hard. More pressure on my sex with the vibe coupled with his steady piston-like precision has me on the edge again. As if he can read my mind, he grabs a handful of my hair and pulls hard, jerking my head back. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG, as number three has my body trembling, waves of pleasure coursing through me like electricity. I am sobbing again, as I begin to sense he is getting close. He seems to get even harder!  I am almost spent, now concentrating on him. I begin to moan, in a tiny voice. I wince as he pulls himself out of me for a moment, walks over and flips the table back onto its legs, which in turn flips me back onto my back.

A moment later he rams right back deep me. I know he is watching me, and this new angle has me panting again. In seconds, his whole body tenses up and he begins to groan loudly, and I can feel him spraying his juice deep inside me. Before he finishes, he pulls out and pumps himself, spraying the remainder on my bare belly, hot sticky trails everywhere. Back inside me, he goes back to work on my sex with the vibe, and I begin to shake my head back and forth, as I come once again. Regaining my senses, I can feel several tiny aftershocks, mini-orgasms, and I squirm as much as I can, until I could take it no more. It begins to tickle, and I am giggling behind my gags like a schoolgirl, and begging him to stop. He finally takes mercy, and stops the vibe and pulls out. I can hear his ragged breathing, and I know my chest was rising and falling with each breath. 

"You have one last task, little filly," and he loosens my cleave gag and eases out the juice-soaked wadding. As I open my mouth, his wet semi-erectness slides between my lips, and I greedily lap everything up, a mixture of his juices and mine. 

"Now are you going to untie me?  I could use a brea—mphmph,” as he thrusts the rag back in my mouth and ties it into place. I am so spent, I don’t put up much of a fight. 

"Remember what I said about pretty little girls being seen and not heard?"  He chuckles...


"Yeah, I reckon you'll keep quiet all right, but I tell ya what: you've been such a good sport—what with your taking my manhood in so many holes of yours—that I think I'll let yeh clean yerself up a bit."

Roxanne sighs, as she needs a break after all these orgasms, and the mixture of love juices and who-knows-what-else packed back into her mouth, while not as bad she remembers, tastes a bit gamey to say the least.

"Oh, but don't think for one cotton-pickin' minute you're takin' them 'spensive boots off," Tom coldly states, as he unties her boots from the table-legs and proceeds to lead the still-blindfolded, still-cum-soaked-gag-stuffed Roxanne to the en-suite bathroom. Roxanne's denim mini and panties, both long since fallen off, means she's only wearing a red bandana around her neck, while her boot-heels make distinctive wood-on-wood clomping sounds on the floor as Tom guides her past the bathroom door.

Leaving the blindfold on Roxanne, Tom unties the outer bandana and pulled out the dirty mouth-pack. He guides Roxanne over to the sink.


"You know I swallow, Tom," Roxanne replies coyly.

"Good pernt, little lady. Still, I reckon you might want a change of taste in that purdy mouth of yours. Brought your toothpaste and toothbrush in out of your purse."

Tom hands the toothpaste-covered brush to Roxanne. With her arms tied in front of her, she holds it and brushes her teeth thoroughly.

"Now spit. Seriously." Roxanne complies.

"Got some mouthwash for you too. Here." Tom places the cop of mouthwash into Roxanne puts it to her mouth and gargles, swooshing it around her mouth."

"Spit again, little missy," Tom tells her as he directs her in the direction of the sink. Roxanne spits.

"And just to show you what kind of gentleman I am, I'm going to let you tinkle. You probably could stand to have some fluids coming OUT of you."

Roxanne hasn't thought about it what with all the sexual torment and unbelievable orgasms she'd felt, but as soon as Tom mentions it, she realizes she needs to go.

"Yeah, Tom, that'd be great," she tells him. Tom guides her to the toilet. Roxanne sits.

"Now I'm going to stand outside the door while you go, and I know that you can reach yourself down there what with your wrists all tied in front and all." Tom pauses. "But you leave that blindfold on now, ya hear? I even got some wet wipes from your purse and I'm putting them on the counter right to your right."

Roxanne nods, hears the bathroom door shut, and pees. She fumbles and finds the toilet paper and the wet wipes, and wipes herself wherever she feels wetness and juice: a large percentage of her body. She keeps the blindfold on, knowing she doesn't dare take it off. She stands up and finds her way to the sink, her boot heels making clomps on the tile floor. On the counter she finds soap, and washes her hands with it, and then finds a towel next to it.

"All finished?" Tom calls from behind the door.

"Yes, Tom."

"Good, cuz we ain't done yet," Tom announces as he opens the bathroom door. "You know, you look best when you got your arms tied BEHIND your back, dontcha think? Shows off them bodacious perkies of yours an awful lot," Tom says as he leads her out of the bathroom, and quickly unties Roxanne's wrists, and then re-ties them behind her back.

"And I done told you I was a gentleman, right?"

"Yes, Tom, but—"

"But nothing! Here's how I'ma gonna prove it: you drink a beer with me now. Tom puts a bottle of beer up to Roxanne's lips, then pulls her head back and pours it down her throat.

 "Gulp!" Roxanne takes it all down.

 "See, I KNEW you were good at swallowin'! Now, I'm givin' yeh some fresh gags right 'chere," as Tom stuffs Roxanne's mouth with a clean bandana and locks it in place with an extra long different one.

Tom pushes Roxanne onto the bed, and sits her upright with a few pillows to prop her up. He quickly re-ties her wrists behind of the headboard bed-posts, then ties her booted ankles together and runs a rope from there to a footboard bedpost diagonally at opposite side of the bed. Roxanne sits upright, not knowing what to expect.

"Now you sit tight while I head back down to the cantina and see what I can find down there. I bet the prospect of a little hottie cowgirl like you all roped up here MIGHT entice another cowgirl up here for some fun..."



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