Sooz Kink?

                      Sooz Kink-My Bondage Adventures.


                                By Sooz Kink with additional material by Peter Walsh


This story appeared on a promising looking Website called ‘Sooz Kink’ in October 1999.  Only one part was written and the site vanished.  I attempted to contact the author at their e-mail address but got no response.  Hating to see the story go to waste I took it upon myself to finish it, hopefully in the original style and spirit the author Sooz Kink intended.


Peter Walsh

November 2000

Note from Jeb: the picture above was also rescued from that website, and according to the original label it is "Sooz herself". Is it? Who knows? Nice to think so...

Sooz Kink-My Bondage Adventures.

My first adventure happened to me during my first year in Law School. First rule, a good lawyer makes a good detective. You gotta know the law, what can I say.


I was interning at Miller & Debel, a very powerful law firm...and, what a zoo! On this particular case, we were defending Atlantic Video Arts(AVA), a well respected company with many big clients. They're basically responsible for most of the television commercials you see today. Production, editing, blah, blah, blah.


The president and owner, Andrew Greenspan, was accused of doing some extra illegal business on the side. One of his employees claimed Mr. Greenspan attempted to abduct her, transport her overseas and sell her to in a slave market. A world where service is the only way a woman will survive. And the "form" of service? Asian porn videos featuring young American girls and I was assigned to what they call "garbage detail".


We got permission to go through everything at AVA. My role included going through all the computers at AVA and retrieving every piece of deleted e-mail. Second rule, a good detective knows her computers. You gotta keep up with the times, honey, what can I say.


I'll never forget this day. I had just spent the previous evening going through Greenspan's home computer and found nothing.  All my equipment was still at his house and I arranged to get there by nine am to pick it up. It was government property, and whether he was guilty or innocent, we could have charged him with tampering if he even breathed on anything I left behind.


I was up by 6am, took a spin class at the gym, met my friend Gita at the juice bar at 7:30 for a protein shake. She wanted to tell me about some date she had the night before. Gita and I went to law school together. Now I thought I was in great shape, but you should see Gita. We're both the same height, about 5' 9". I have green eyes, her's are brown. We both have long dark brown hair. She wears her's up though. I prefer to let it all hang out, I guess. Now, I know there is no way Gita weights 120. I am around 125, give or take a few. But she looks great! So she tells me about her date and we make plans for dinner later in the week.


I run back home to change...running late as usual. Shower, do my hair and slip into CK black bra and panties, black CK seamless hose, a black wool turtleneck, black fitted skirt, a black 3/4 jacket, and finished my ensemble off with some black 4" pumps. Third rule, a good lawyer always looks good (especially in black). You gotta know your fashion, what can I say.


I got to Greenspan's and he greeted me at the door. Andrew (I actually never call ANY of my clients by their first name, but I got to know this guy REALLY well)is a very charming man. He's 40, about 6' 2" and is in great shape. Normally a very calm man, he seemed a little agitated on this particular day. The stress of the case may finally be wearing him down, I thought. His wife had taken their two kids to their summer home for the duration of the case. It had rattled his business for sure, now it was affecting his personal life. Nonetheless, I followed him into his office.


There is an old oak desk in the center of the room with a huge bay window behind a swivel chair. Bookcases surround the office, and there is a burnt siena leather couch along the right wall. The equipment was still connected to his computer, which sits on the desk. He left me to my business. I knelt under the desk to disconnect my equipment from his mini-tower. Damn this looked great, but definitely not made for kneeling.


Now, I am very thorough in all my work. But, as I was unplugging the wires I found a zip disk on the floor. Just sitting there! I had gone through every one! How could I have missed that? I inserted the disk in the drive.


It was empty. Hmmmmmm, I thought. I then searched for hidden files through my equipment. I couldn't believe my eyes. There were hundreds of e-mails to a video production company in Taiwan. Their content? Most of them detailed orders for video equipment. The rest?


Correspondence between Andrew and a client in Taiwan. The topic? Pornographic films, the abduction of American women.  From what I read, I discovered Andrew was indeed guilty. He was responsible for setting up the abduction of hundreds of American girls, mostly girls from foster homes, runaways, and even college girls who were kidnapped while travelling abroad.


I felt a rush!  My next move was to put the disk in my jacket pocket. I began to pack up the equipment. Andrew must have been upstairs or something, I thought. I put the equipment in one of those metallic briefcases you always see CIA guys carrying around.


As I left the room, I heard a sound behind me. Before I had the chance to turn around, I felt a force rush up behind me. Stunned, I dropped the case. Someone wrapped an arm around my chest. The next, a cloth over my mouth. Sweet smelling...strong. Mrrrppphhhhh!!! I screamed through the cloth. A huge wave of numbness came over me. Everything went dark.


The next thing I was aware of was a phone conversation. It sounded muffled at first, but got clearer as my senses returned.  It was Andrew.


"I have the girl...yeah, Sooz, that's her. I caught her on the camera, she found the disk. NO, I've taken care of that, she's not going anywhere. She's just an intern, I'll have her call in sick. Of course, you idiot, you think I was born yesterday. You are reading my mind. Ms. Kink will be leaving the law profession to become an Asia."


I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I wanted to speak, but couldn't. I tried to get up, but was completely immobile. My mouth was filled with some cloth, and I had been gagged! A black nylon scarf tightly covered my mouth and was tied behind my neck.


I was on the floor on the other side of the desk. I noticed coils of white rope about 4 feet away. Jesus! The bastard tied me up! My hands were tied behind my back, my arms were also secured to my upper body, and my ankles were tied too! What was going to happen to me? So many things rushed through my mind. But where was Andrew? I was lying on my left side, I strained my head upward to see. There was no sign of him. Where the hell did the bastard go? I was turning my wrists, and felt the rope loosening. "C'mon Sooz...", I said to myself. But before I could get any further, Andrew re-appeared.


"And where do you think I went, dear? You're not going to get away...there is no way in hell ANYONE is going to find out ANYTHING!" He tightening the loosened ropes, and gave it a hard tug. I winced with a “Mrrrpphhh!”


Another man appeared out of nowhere. I had seem him was Andrew's groundskeeper. A huge man. 6'5", muscular, and angry.


"Ian, take Ms. Kink into the van, I parked it in the back. No one should see us." Ian picked me up without no effort.

"Mrrrppphhh," I struggled, but there was no way in hell I was getting out of his arms. My strength was still zapped, but this son-of-a-bitch was strong. No spin class could help me now. Andrew opened the back door as we went out. It was still light, my eyes had trouble adjusting to the light. I was sill a little groggy.


There was a black van and I could barely make out the AVA logo on it. Andrew opened the back door to reveal a rather comfortable back seat area. Ian, with surprising gentleness placed me on a seat and placed my feet on the floor. The seating resembled that of airplanes, but on the left and right and facing one another. Deep blue carpeting to match all the decor. A wall seemed to separate the back of the van from the front.


I adjusted my eyes, it was a screen. The next thing I saw startled the life out of me. There was so much to take in, I had failed to notice what was in the seat directly across from me.


My attention was on the floor. I say black heels...legs...I followed the legs up, it was a girl in a black cocktail dress. The dress was riding up her thigh to reveal a garter belt with black stockings snapped in place. She too, was bound. Her wrists, however were tied to arm rests that came up from the side and center of the seat. Her ankles were tied, here head was back though, resting on a head rest. She was out cold. Suddenly a loud bang. Ian closed the back door. The sound jarred the girl. Her head slowly came up.


Oh, my GOD! I couldn't believe it! IT WAS GITA!!! How did she get HERE??? She was gagged just like me! Oh no!


The van then vibrated around us as it moved off with it’s captive cargo.  I had to do something-fast!  But what???  A thousand questions flooded through my head, along with a thousand scary images all starring me in situations I would rather not talk about.  Where were we being taken???  Asia eventually but Andrew had to get us out of the country first.


I heard Gita moan and her head dropped forward, her face was half hidden by her hair.  I noticed the gag that had been put on her was identical to the one Andrew had applied to me after he had doped me with the chloroform.  The bastard! 


Gita was tied to her seat and although I was trussed up like a thanksgiving turkey at least I was not anchored to anything.  If I could get Gita to wake up she had a free hand to get me loose.  "C'mon Sooz...", I said to myself (my standard self encouragement phrase).  My hands were tied behind my back and my ankles were roped together.  If I could get out of the seat and just-.  My shoes were a problem.  My black 4" pumps made my legs look good and I had invested more than a few painful hours making sure I didn’t walk like a hooker in them.  But with my ankles tied my shoes would play some gravitational tricks on me.  I had to lose the shoes and toed them off accordingly.  My hose clad feet touched the carpet of the van and I put my weight forward.  I landed on my knees with my face two inches from Gita’s black stockinged legs with the ropes tight about them.


"Mrrrppphhh!"  I said to Gita.  "Mrrrppphhh!!!"


Gita stirred and blinked at me over her gag through her curtain of loose hair.  I raised my chin to indicate that I wanted her to get the gag out of my mouth.  I moved my face closer to her hands tied to arm rests of her seat.  Her fingers were at my face and they pulled the black nylon scarf down from over my mouth and then drew out the damp cloth stuffed within.  I had my mouth back.


"Gita, nod if you understand me?"  Gita nodded slowly and I told her what to do.

I then awkwardly turned about, my skirt hampered my progress.  I presented my tied together wrists to her.  Gita’s groggy fingers went to work on the knots.  The ropes soon loosened and then fell away.  I was free!  With my own stiff digits I made swift work on the ropes about my black hosed legs.  Now it was Gita’s turn!


I took the gag off first, then freed both her wrists and finally her ankles.  Gita was becoming more awake by the second.  "Gita, what happened?"


"Sooz, I have no idea?  I was getting changed at home and pow!  Somebody chloroforms me!" 


"It’s Greenspan, he knows I’m on his case that’s why he grabbed me, you too probably seeing what I’ve told you.  I guess he plans to sell us both for a tidy profit in Asia".  I could see that my own fearful concern reflected in Gita’s dark eyes.


The van the jolted to a halt.  The door slid open, light flooded in and the muscular giant Ian glared at us in furious surprise as he witnessed us at liberty.  He reached under his windbreaker and produced an ugly, black automatic which he pointed at us.  "Get down and no tricks!"


I promptly got my shoes back on and helped Gita.  I heard the roar of jet engines overhead as I walked shakily on my 4" heels, Gita leaned against me equally unsteady on her own.  Ian walked behind us, giving us encouragement with his gun.


The sun was going down as Gita and I were steered towards a large warehouse type building.  I noticed the AVA logo and had an idea we were at the airport.  I saw a door open and we were ushered inside.  Wooden crates were stacked in towers up to the rafters.  Everything was bathed in a pale yellow electrical light.  "Yo!"  Ian shouted.  A door to an office opened and two male figures appeared, one white, one black, not quite Ian’s size but scary enough.


Ian prodded Gita and I forward in the direction of the men "These two!  Tie ‘em up and gag ‘em and do it good!’  Once again anything that we had done in our spin classes didn’t help us one little bit.  Gita and I enjoyed the rough and lustful attentions of Greenspan’s goons.  We were tied up and gagged in no time at all.


I was tied to a chair facing Gita, once more I could see her garter belt and stockings as could our captors.  What can I say?  They enjoyed their work.  After they’d tied Gita and me up to the chairs, they’d stuffed our mouths with rags and sealed them in place with duct tape.  While we were being tied Greenspan’s goons copped a good feel of our attributes.  It was then a waiting game.  The goons smoked cigarettes and made lewd suggestions to Gita and me.


Sitting there, tied up and gagged, I had little idea of the passage of time.  I was scared but not as scared as I had been.  So far Gita and I had not yet had the chance to play ball on a level field with the guys that were making our lives so miserable.  In the gym, not hampered by a tight skirt and heels, it might have been a different story.  One had to dream and wish.


Andrew Greenspan then honoured us with his presence.  The giant Ian hovered at his side.  "I said to Ah, the lovely Ms Kink and her equally lovely friend, are you ready to take a trip?"


"Mrrrppphhh!"  I angrily replied.  Gita shook her head.  Andrew Greenspan leaned in closer until his face was a couple of inches from mine.  "I’d love to keep you Ms Kink, I can think of some fun things we could do, but what you know could blow apart my whole operation".  His hand was stroking my long hair, then he painfully grabbed a fistful.  "And I won’t let that happen!  Besides you and your friend have a whole new career to look forward to in a new country".  He turned to Ian and the goons.  "Untie them, leave their gags on, time to get them ready for shipment!"


"C'mon Sooz...".  I told myself behind my gag but the fear in Gita’s eyes mirrored my own.  There was nothing I could do.  Miller & Debel now seemed to be a long way away.


Greenspan’s goons readied a large crate.  The accomodation that would carry Gita and I to new and unwanted careers in Asia.  Andrew Greenspan was overseeing our departure.  Gita and I stood before him, now wearing fewer clothes.  What can I say?  It was hot where we were going.  My suit, sweater, hose and shoes lay in an untidy heap at my now bare feet, I was down to my CK black bra and panties.  Gita had shed her expensive black cocktail dress, stockings and heels and stood in expensive black underwear.  Ropes would replace clothes.  The goons saw to me first.


They crossed my wrists behind my back and tied them. They bound my arms as close together as they would go, just above the elbows, then tied my arms to my body with several turns of rope just below my boobs. They tied my legs together at the ankles and just below the knees.  More duct tape was applied to my mouth.  Finally, I was blindfolded with a black nylon scarf.  Sooz Kink was now such a well wrapped package I felt I could be franked and put in the mail.  Although I couldn’t see it, I could hear and painfully visualise Gita getting the same treatment as me.


"Delightful!"  I heard Andrew Greenspan say. "Now pack them up".  I was then lifted up off my feet and placed down onto something soft and springy.  I felt Gita put in alongside me.  Then I felt my bare right upper arm being swabbed and then started as I felt the jab of a needle.  "Just a little something to make the journey seem a little quicker".  Greenspan whispered to me.  My head began to spin as the lid of the crate was descended over Gita and mine’s heads.  The sudden shouting and shooting barely registered as everything went black.


Miller & Debel, a very powerful law firm...and, what a zoo!  But I no longer worked there.  Sooz Kink was now her own boss.  There was a story to it.  The Feds had been on Andrew Greenspan’s tail for some time but were screwed for evidence against him.  They needed to put somebody in to get close, so my "garbage detail" was a ruse to draw Greenspan out.  I’d been the bait, thanks for letting me know guys!!!  Miller & Debel (secretly working with the Feds) figured I had both the looks to distract Greenspan and the brains to dig something up.  Me being kidnapped with my best friend was just one of the risks involved.  But hey?  The good people won.  Just as Gita and I were about to be shipped off to Asia, the good FBI arrived, shouting and waving badges and guns.  All I remember is waking up in my black underwear in the back of an ambulance.  You gotta keep your sense of humour, honey, what can I say.


AVA was now the subject of a major investigation by the Feds and Andrew Greenspan was up on multiple kidnapping charges, that was just the start for him.  He would be put so far away that daylight would have to be piped through to him


Miller & Debel were generous with my severance (I’d served my purpose you see) and other things.  The FBI offered me a job but I was determined to be my own girl.  I set myself up in practice, SK Investigations.  It was a one girl act but Gita helped out every once in a while. 


I had been tied up in my first adventure and in the back of my mind I knew I could look forward to further close encounters with ropes and gags.  Interesting times were ahead.


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