Adventures of Belinda Carver, Ace Reporter:

Hot Wheels

Chapter Five:  Tying Loose Ends

By Cordelia White

Based on a story outline developed with Jeb, and with valuable plotting ideas and technical advice provided by Jeb.  Cordelia asserts, however, that any faults, errors and disagreeable nude scenes are entirely hers.


Belinda’s hands finally came free.  She grunted into her gag with relief and was pleased to see that, behind the tape across her mouth, Jana’s features curled into an encouraging smile.

The trouble was that Belinda was still roped to the pillar by bonds that prevented her from pulling her arms around front.  The rope around her waist was the tightest.  But, the one just beneath her breasts did the most damage.   Not only did it hold her on to tiptoe, it was wedged into the moulding at the bottom of her bra, and stopped her from slipping her bonds.

Belinda cursed the size of her thirty-six C breasts.  Had they been smaller, they might have allowed the rope to slide over them.  As it was, Belinda was stuck.

She looked across again at Jana.  Like her, Jana was lashed to the post.  He wrists were between her body and the pillar and there were ropes around her torso below her breasts and around her waist.  Her dress had been torn away at crotch level, leaving her long legs sheathed only in shimmery, flesh-tone nylon.  They were lashed tightly together and to the post along their entire length, with rope cutting in to the softness of her flesh above and below her knees and around her thighs.  She was held rigid.  Belinda knew that if either of them were going to escape, it would have to be she. 

Besides, Belinda had been tied so that only her toes were touching the ground.  The length of rope immediately below her breasts saw to that.  She had been standing that way now long enough for the muscles in her calves and thighs to have become knotted with the strain.  She desperately wanted to put her shoe-less heels down.  But the chest rope, pushed up against the moulding at the base of her bra, prevented that.  There was nothing she could do to free herself while that rope was in place.  She was defeated by her own breasts.

She had to get free.  Twisting her arms around front as much as she could, she grabbed the rope just below her breasts and pulled it away from her body the best she could.  The result was that the other coils of rope tightened up, digging into her body as a result.  It hurt and there wasn’t much slack as a result.  But, Belinda gambled that there was just enough to squeeze it up over the curves of her chest.  So she pushed her heels down to the ground.

It nearly worked.  The rope dislodged from the underwiring of Belinda’s bra.  As Belinda went downwards it snapped into her breasts about a quarter way up them.  The bra Belinda wore beneath her shirt was made of cotton and lycra.  It was not particularly sturdy and only the bottom half of each cup was solid.  The rest was lace, and as such it only gave a little protection against the rope that now cut into Belinda’s curves.  She had to go on.  There was no way she could stand there with that fierce rope cutting into her breasts for much longer.  Her bra may have given some cushioning.  But it didn’t give much.

Belinda looked down.  The chest rope had now lodged itself against the fourth button of Belinda’s shirt.  The button above had already been unfastened by Ramon and the top two, the two above, had torn off in the car.  As a result, event though she was still decent, the white lace of Belinda’s bra was clearly visible.  But that wasn’t much consolation.  Belinda didn’t fancy giving a display of her choice of bra to Ramon, or even to Lupe.

The obvious way out was to try and give the rope greater slack.  Belinda tugged at the appropriate coil.  But she failed.  So, she continued to push her breasts down beneath the chest binding, hoping that something would give.  It did.  The rope pushed the last fastened button on her shirt so hard that it flew off, landing on the floor with a clutter.

Worse was to come.  The chest rope passed over the widest point of Belinda’s chest, squeezing the reporter’s chest as it did so.  As it moved upwards, it caught the last remaining button on Belinda’s shirt, the one Ramon had undone, and tore that one of to.  Belinda, whose legs were still tied, began to fall forward.  She wind milled with her hands to stop herself.  But could find nothing to catch on to.  So she fell forward until the chest restraint caught her at neck-level.  Her shirt gaped open at the front.  But, she was able to use her hands to free herself from the pillar and untie her legs.

She looked across at Jana.  The photographer’s gagged expression was one of congratulation combined with a plea for help.  Belinda pulled away the gagging scarf and spat out the rag that had been stuffed in to her mouth.  She coughed and retched for a moment before untucking her shirt and knotting the front together beneath her breasts in an attempt to make herself decent.  Then she went to free Jana.

They had to hurry.  The Baroness, Lupe and Ramon might return at any moment.


Diamond Dayle was anything but decent.  She had been forced to strip down to her chemise, panties, socks and her unseen bra.

And she had been gagged with her own hair and an unseemly amount of medical tape, which had been wound around her head.  She had been trussed up, carried out a back way and loaded into in the trunk of her own Bentley.  But not before she had seen the Hispanic woman disappear to emerge wearing her clothes, including the belt with her trade-mark buckle, and a wig, which was cut in the same style and length as Diamond’s own.  Diamond knew that the impersonation would not fool anyone who saw her close up.  But it would be enough to persuade anyone who saw her from a reasonable distance that she was leaving the car show voluntarily.

And it must have worked.

Because Diamond’s car was rolling gently along the highway with the country and western singer in the trunk.


It took Belinda Carver several minutes to untie Jana.

She would have liked to have taken off her gag first.  Jana’s cheeks were so bloated that she looked like a hamster.  Her mouth had to be stuffed very full of cloth.  Belinda knew from her own recent experience how unpleasant such as gag was.  And hers hadn’t been nearly as bad.  She dearly wanted to ungag the poor photographer.  But she knew that their captors could return at any moment.  Time was of the essence.

She was right.  No sooner had she released Jana from the pillar by untying the rope around her torso and legs when they heard a car draw up, outside their prison. 

Belinda turned on her feet and darted for her shoes.  They were about twenty feet away, where Ramon had left them on the workbench.  As she did so, Jana reached to her mouth and tried to pick the tape where it ended on her cheek.

The door opened and Ramon’s arm appeared.  He clearly hadn’t noticed that they were free.  He was probably too confident in his own binding skills.  Pulling the workshop doors open, he disappeared again.

Belinda turned.  Going for her shoes was far too risky.

‘The window,’ she whispered, noticing as she did that Jana was having trouble getting the tape off.

Both women darted for the window.  As they did so, a Bentley Silver Cloud pulled into the workshop.

‘This one,’ corrected Belinda, pointing to a window some ten feet away from the first.

Unlike Belinda’s original choice, this one was out of sight of the main part of the workshop.

As soon as she had reached the window, Belinda swung it open.  Jana was immediately at her side, her chest heaving at the strain of breathing just though her nose.  Belinda was aware that she was still picking at the tape across her lips.

‘Here let me,’ Belinda said softly.  She picked at the tape for a second and then whipped it off.  With her mouth so thoroughly stuffed, Jana was unable to deliver the scream, which came naturally to her lips.  But her eyes said it all.  It hurt.

‘They’ve escaped,’ Belinda heard a German voice declare.  ‘We must find them.’

For a second Belinda and Jana were still.  Then Belinda looked up to see the red of the rubber ball between Jana’s white lips.  As Jana opened her mouth further in order to remove it, Belinda could see how big it was.

It was huge.  ‘Oh, no,’ Belinda said in sympathetic horror.

‘What was that?’

Both woman froze at Lupe’s words.  They stood motionless for a minute.

‘It is nothing, Lupe’ the Baroness said.  ‘Ramon, look outside.’

Belinda’s lips mimed phew.  Jana reached up and slowly and with difficulty prised the ball from her mouth.

Then it happened.  As Jana finally got the ball out, it slipped from her fingers and flew up into the air.

Time stood still.  Then the ball landed with a plonk on the workshop floor and began to roll towards the main body of the room. 

‘There,’ Lupe yelled suddenly.

Belinda didn’t wait.  She pulled up her short skirt and hefted her right leg on to the sill.  As she did so, her skirt rose higher.  Belinda reached into the window and pulled herself up and through.

There was a tearing sound.  Belinda’s skirt was already torn to mid thigh on the left.  It had happened earlier in the rear of the car.  Now the right side caught itself on the catch at the bottom of the window and opened a rent.  Inertia did the rest.  As Belinda dropped to the ground on the outside of the building, the tear opened right up.

Belinda looked down, convinced that her skirt would be torn right off.  The activity had already opened her shirt again, and Belinda expected to find herself in little more than her bra and panties.

She was in luck, the tear opened up her right side all the way to the waistband of her skirt.  But that half-inch of material stopped it from coming off entirely.

Without stopping to retie her shirt, Belinda began a shoeless sprint towards the road.  She looked back to see Jana follow her through the window.  The reduction of Jana’ dress to little more than a fringe around the tops of her thighs helped and the photographer, aided also by shoes, began to sprint in Belinda’s direction.

Belinda paused for a second to let the photographer catch up.

‘Keep going,’ Jana roared, gesticulating.

Belinda responded by sprinting for the side of workshop to try and come back to the road.  As she reached the corner, she looked back to see that Ramon had leapt through the window and was in hot pursuit of Jana.  It was an arresting sight and Belinda stopped for a moment to take it in, wondering if she should go back in case Jana needed help.

It was a stupid idea, of course.  But at least it meant that the coast should be clear for Belinda to get away.   After all, it had been Ramon who had gone out of the workshop door when their escape had been noticed.  Evidently he had come back to give chase through the window.

Belinda looked back again.  Just in time to see Ramon grab Jana.  She heard Jana screech, only to have that muffled when Ramon thrust his hand across Jana’s mouth.

The reporter turned to make a run for it and came face to face with the barrel of an automatic pistol.

‘Going somewhere.  No?’ the Baroness said.

Belinda stood stationary, while Ramon wrestled Jana to their side.  She watched while Ramon pulled Jana’s wrists behind her back, crossed them and bound them with a piece of rope from his pocket.

‘Ouch,’ Jana declared.  ‘Do you mind?’

‘Not one bit, Señorita,’ Ramon declared.  He fished in his pocket for a second piece and used that to tie Belinda in the same way.

‘Better gag them, Ramon,’ the Baroness ordered.  ‘We don’t want them shouting out.  Use this.’

She held up a large piece of cloth and tore it in half.  Both pieces were considerably bigger than the piece that had previously gagged Belinda. 

The Baroness had clearly taken a binding kit with her when she went to look for them, because, while Ramon stuffed their mouths with the cloth, she produced a role of flesh-coloured medical tape.  She tore off two strips of this and stretched it across Belinda and Jana’s mouths.

The two captives were roughly marched through a side door the building and back into the workshop.  Lupe was there.  She was holding a wig and she was dressed remarkably like the singer, Diamond Dayle.  She at once took over and supervised the rest of Belinda and Jana’s bondage.  First, their wrist bonds were cinched.  Then, they were backed against posts and tied to them at neck and waist.  Finally, their ankles, knees and thighs were bound and cinched, with all the intimate touching the last implied, and were also lashed to the pillar.

When they had finished, Lupe and Ramon stood back and surveyed their efforts, like an artist admiring his canvas.

‘Veery nice,’ Lupe said.  ‘Now that your shirt is open, Señorita Carver, I can see that we are in for a very fine time.  Soon we will discover exactly what you have inside that bra.’

To emphasise the point, she inserted her finger under the lace trimming at the shoulder strap end of the left cup of Belinda’s bra and traced the curved line downwards towards the point where the cups were linked by a narrow strip of material.

Belinda shuddered at the touch.  But Lupe inserted the same finger in the other cup and continued upwards.

‘Very nice,’ she said, when she had finished.  ‘How about the other?’

Ramon immediately took hold of the high neck of Jana’s dress and tore downwards.  Now the garment was not only crotch-length.  It had a plunge neckline.  It even showed her navel.  Beneath it, Jana’s wore a half-cup bra in peach tones.

‘Not so big, eh Ramon?’ Lupe commented.  ‘But it is quantity not quality that counts.’

Belinda and Jana were left like that for a while.  Both struggled with their bonds for a bit.  But neither found any slack at all.  Besides with their captors in the room, there was no real chance of escape.

Then, to their surprise, the Baroness opened the trunk of the stately Bentley Silver cloud, and drew out a bound and gagged woman.  Her mouth was swathed in several strips of adhesive tape and she appeared to have been gagged with her own hair, but despite that she was instantly recognizable.  She stood about five foot one, had slim build and raven hair.  She wore a peach-coloured chemise and a pair of tiny white panties.  The spaghetti straps of the chemise competed for attention with the slightly more substantial straps of her bra.  But other than the otherwise unseen bra, she had no additional clothing.

It was Diamond Dayle.

‘Tie her to the post,’ the Baroness ordered.

Diamond’s legs were tied above and below the knees and around the ankles.  Her hands were bound behind her.  There was rope around her arms and torso.  Ramon leaned her against a third pillar and Lupe lashed her to it along the length of her legs and body.

The Baroness marched along the line.

‘You are mine.  No? Frauleins,’ she started.  ‘Only one of you by design, maybe.  But none the worse for that.  Soon we will go on a little journey.  But first we must examine the merchandise.  I think we will start with the nosey little reporter, who thought that she could bring down a great car robbery syndicate.  So naïve.  Ramon, please release, Fraulein Carver from the pillar and untie her hands and legs.  But, leave on the gag for now.  I do not want to hear her irritating voice any more than necessary.’

Belinda felt herself untied form her forced ramrod stance, and her limbs untied.  She stood there, self-consciously, wondering what on earth the German meant by inspecting the merchandise.

Suddenly, she found out.

‘Strip,’ ordered the Baroness.

Belinda was still gagged.  Her mouth was wedged full by a large piece of cloth and her lips were sealed with flesh-coloured medical tape.  It made her want to retch and her jaw ached with a vengeance.  Instinctively, she raised her right hand to her mouth.

‘Leave the gag, Fraulein,’ the Baroness asserted.  ‘Just take off your clothes.’

Belinda wasn’t wearing a great deal.  Her shoes had been taken from her long ago.  Her shirt was without buttons and now gaped open to show the front of her white lace bra.  Her skirt was torn.  Amazingly her pantyhose had stayed more or less intact.  She looked from the Baroness to Lupe, and then to Ramon.  Whereas the Baroness looked cold, as if this were just business for her, the Mexican and her brother were licking their lips in anticipation.  She knew that the strip show would be as enjoyable for them as it would be humiliating for her.

‘I said, “strip”, Fraulein Carver.  That simple instruction is clearly too difficult for you.  But I will make it easy for you, no?  I will announce each item of clothing I wish you to remove in turn.   If you do not remove it fast enough, I will have Ramon here do it for you.   Understand?’

Reluctantly, Belinda nodded.

‘Excellent, Fraulein.  Now start with your skirt.   Take it off.’

Despite the rent in her skirt, the fastening had stayed together.  Belinda swiftly undid that and stepped out of the black garment.  The Baroness clapped approvingly.  The shirt Belinda wore was just long enough to hide her the panties she wore beneath her pantyhose.

‘Now the blouse, Fraulein.  It is no longer buttoned, I know, and it therefore reveals quite a lot.  But, if we are to get a proper look of what your bra is concealing, you must take it off.’

Belinda groaned silently.  Her shirt cuff buttons were still fastened.  Her fingers shook with nerves as she undid those.  Slowly, she took the shirt off.  Now every detail of her underwear was revealed.  The flesh-coloured pantyhose was insufficient to hide the brevity of the white panties she wore beneath.’

‘Pantyhose, now Fraulein,’ the Baroness continued.  I never did understand why you Americans called it by such a silly name.’

Belinda wound the pantyhose down her legs and stood there in her bra and panties.  The next order was not long in coming.

‘Bra,’ the Baroness snapped.  Across the room, Ramon licked his lips as Belinda reached behind her back to unfasten her bra.  His sister was barely any less appreciative.

There was an intake of breath as Belinda shrugged off her bra.  Two pairs of eyes gawped in amazement.  Only the Baroness appeared unmoved by the revelation.   She was certainly appreciative.  But her gaze remained one of someone admiring a good purchase rather than the sexual interest that Ramon and his sister showed.

‘Panties,’ the Baroness not ordered.

Investigative reporters were like Lois Lane.  They triumphed.  They might occasionally get captured bound and gagged.  But they easily escaped.  And they certainly never lost any of their clothes.  Belinda tucked her thumbs under the strip of elastic across each of her hips in readiness to lower her panties.  But did nothing.

‘Ramon,’ the Baroness ordered, sharply.

Ramon stepped forward.  But before he could do anything, Belinda pulled her panties down over her hips and unhooked them from her ankles.  Defensively, she pressed her legs together.

‘Hands on head, Fraulein.’

Belinda did, as she was told, aware that the posture raised her breasts.  Nude except for the rectangle of medical tape across her mouth, she blushed scarlet as the Baroness, Lupe and Ramon examined every inch of her naked form.  They even made her turn around so that they could get a good look at her back and bottom.  Belinda dearly wanted to lower her hands from her head; but didn’t dare.

‘What do you think, Lupe?’ the Baroness said after five silent minutes.  ‘She’s not bad.  Is she? No?’

Si, Baroness.  Not bad, not bad at all,’ Lupe replied.  ‘She has superb boobs.  They are full and ripe and so succulent.  I am really looking forward to playing with them.’

‘Mmpphh, mmpphh,’ Belinda groaned in disbelief.  They were speaking of her breasts as if they were ripened fruit.

‘Superb boobs indeed, Lupe, the Baroness continued.  Boobs of that quality are much sought after.  I think, however, that we should find out exactly what size they are.  No?’

‘Mmpphh, mmpphh,’ Belinda groaned again.  This time it was in dissent.  

‘Si, Señora,’ Lupe replied.  ‘I will look in her bra.  It will tell us there what size she wears.’

‘No, Lupe.  I wish to hear from Fraulein Carver herself what size bra she wears.  Perhaps, Ramon if you would be so kind to ungag our nosey little reporter.’

Ramon made no effort to be gentle as he tore the tape from Belinda’s mouth.  The journalist needed to use her hands to prise the cloth from between her teeth.  The piece that Lupe had used on her earlier was too big for her merely to spit it out.

‘You’re crazy: all of you,’ Belinda snapped as soon as she could speak.  ‘You’re going to gaol.  I’ll see to that.’

‘Ah, such brave words,’ the Baroness said, grinning.  Such defiance from one who is naked and a prisoner of superior force.  No?’

Belinda said nothing.

‘You have been a bad girl.  But I shall not punish you for your outburst, Fraulein.  Not this time, at least.    Now, please will you tell us your bra size.’

Belinda blushed again.  ‘Thirty-six C,’ she said, reluctantly.

‘Very good.  That wasn’t so hard.  Was it, Fraulein?  No?’  Now, Lupe, if you could just look in Fraulein Carver’s bra and check if Fraulein Carver is telling the truth.’

Belinda watched self-consciously while the Mexican examined her bra, finally locating the label inside the left cup.

‘Thirty-six C, Baroness’ she said after a minute.  ‘She is telling the truth.’

‘That is good,’ the Baroness said.  ‘There are indeed superb breasts.  Round and high.  And the rest isn’t bad either.  Narrow waist, slender hips.  But, I think there might be a few unnecessary ounces on Fraulein Carver’s body.  What do you think, Lupe?’

Lupe licked her lips and examined Belinda.  Belinda was secretly outraged.  She carried absolutely no superfluous weight.’

Si, you may be right, Baroness.’

‘Perhaps, Fraulein Carver, you should tell us how tall you are and what you weigh.’

‘What?’ Belinda exclaimed.  ‘You’ve got to be joking.’

‘I joke not, Fraulein Carver.  Now tell me what I want to know.  Or I will have to take an alternative action.’

‘I’m five foot seven,’ Belinda said at last.  ‘And I weigh a hundred and eighteen pounds.  Or at least I did last week.’

‘Perhaps, Fraulein, you have one too many cream cakes since then,’ the Baroness quipped.  ‘Perhaps you’ll be so good as to tell us your waist measurement, please.’

‘Twenty four inches,’ Belinda spat, before adding, ‘SATISFIED?’

The Baroness smiled.  ‘Satisfied?  Why of course I’m satisfied, Fraulein Carver.   Why should I not be when I have you here, in front of me, naked.  And when you have such an excellent body.  But no, I am not satisfied.  I know that you have size thirty-six C breasts.  And I know that you have a twenty-four inch waist.   But I do not yet know what size your hips are.  That you must tell me.’

Belinda just wanted to get the ordeal over with and to be allowed to put her clothing back on.  ‘Thirty-five inches,’ she said, resigned to the embarrassment of having her body discussed publicly while standing naked with her hands on her head.

But there was no end to her humiliation.  The Baroness and Lupe proceeded to turn their attention to an even more personal area.

‘Tell me, Fraulein Carver, that nice triangle of pubic hair, you have.  It seems lighter than the hair on your head.  Don’t you think?’

Belinda, quite taken aback, reddened appreciably.

‘I’m waiting, Fraulein.’

Belinda had no idea what to say.

‘You are speechless, Fraulein.  Perhaps we need a better look.  Legs apart,’ the Baroness ordered.

‘W-what?’ Belinda stammered.

‘Legs apart, Fraulein,’ the Baroness said calmly.  ‘If I am to inspect you properly, I need to look everywhere.  So spread your legs now, or I will have Ramon tie you spread-eagled.’

Put like that, Belinda had no choice.  It was hardly possible for her to blush any more deeply, as she parted her legs.

But the Baroness wasn’t satisfied.

‘Wider,’ she barked.

Belinda widened her stance until her feet were about two feet apart.  That at least contented the Baroness, who now pleased herself with ogling Belinda’s crotch.

‘Do you like what you see, Lupe?’ the Baroness asked.

Si, si, Señora,’ Belinda said with extreme enthusiasm.  But said nothing more.

 It seemed an age before she stopped looking.  To Belinda every second seemed an eternity.

Suddenly, Lupe spoke.  ‘I am not quite satisfied yet, Señora,’ she said.  ‘Make her play with herself,’ she demanded, ‘like you did the Bullard woman.  I want to see how responsive to arousal she is.’

Belinda began to panic.  Suddenly the space between her legs seemed a mile wide.

The Baroness frowned.  ‘Later, perhaps, Lupe,’ she said.  ‘Now we have a lot to do.’

Lupe’s face was suddenly downcast.  ‘But …’

‘No buts, Lupe.  After all, do you not want to see what assets the other two have.’

Lupe was thoughtful for a minute.  Then her features brightened.

‘Of course, Señora,’ she said.

‘You may dress again, Fraulein Carver,’ the Baroness said finally.  ‘I am satisfied.’

Belinda was relieved to hear those words at last.  The ones that followed were not so welcome.

‘Bra and panties only.  We will dispose of the rest of your clothes.’

‘You cannot be joking,’ Belinda exclaimed.  It’s indecent.  And beside I’ll freeze.’

‘It’s not just you, Fraulein Carver.  Your photographer friend and Diamond Dayle will soon join you in the same situation.  And yes, I agree that you current bra and panties are not particularly inductive to decency.  Not as much I think as the average bikini.  But your bra and those panties seem to me to be appropriate cover for one in your predicament.  You may go naked if you prefer.’

‘No,’ Belinda stammered.  ‘That is all right.’  She hurriedly stepped into her panties and endeavoured to pull them up her legs.  Putting on panties while standing proved a remarkably embarrassing activity.  Ramon certainly enjoyed the show.  The panties now seemed even tinnier to Belinda than they had when she took them off.  As soon as she had them on, she retrieved her bra and put that on as well.  The bra was designed more to enhance her breasts than conceal them.  But at least it was something.

‘Lupe, if you’d be so good as to tie and gag, Fraulein Carver once again,’ the Baroness said.  Fraulein Carver.  If you would put your hands behind your back.’

Belinda crossed her wrists behind her back as Lupe came at her with a long length of twine.  The Mexican took her hands and re-arranged them palm to palm.  Then she wound cord around Belinda’s wrists, tugged at the ends until it bit into her flesh and began cinching the original binding with frapping turns.  Ignoring Belinda’s squeals of pain, she knotted the wrist bond, before turning to Belinda’s upper arms.  Soon her elbows had been made to meet behind her back and tied and cinched.  It felt as if the strain of her new position was about to force her breasts out of the cups of her bra.

‘Help, please Ramon,’ Lupe said sharply.

She motioned to the floor.  Ramon easily upended Belinda and forced her on to her front on the cold concrete floor.  Lupe tied first her ankles and then her knees and then fastened ankles to wrists in a tight hog-tie.  It hurt before it had been on for two minutes.

Lupe squatted down and tore a sleeve off Belinda’s discarded shirt.  Then she grabbed a handful of the reporter’s hair and used it to yank her head back.

‘Open wide.’

The force that Lupe was applying to Belinda’s hair made the order redundant.  Belinda already found it very hard to keep her jaw closed.  So she was unable to stop the Mexican wadding up the shirtsleeve and pushing it into her mouth.  It barely seemed possible but it was even larger than the last mouth packing she had experienced. And it was forced completely in.   Belinda immediately retched.

Ramon slapped tape across Belinda’s mouth to hold the cloth in place and Lupe tied a scarf around her face to make everything secure.  Belinda retched some more and concentrated on breathing, as Lupe pulled the scarf ends as tight as possible behind her neck and knotted them.  Then she let Belinda go.  The reporter immediately rocked forward, her bra-covered breasts absorbing the impact of this with a painful jolt.

Belinda lay there fighting the strain her shoulders and thigh muscles and struggling to breathe.

The Baroness, however, seemed unconcerned.  Instead she turned again to Lupe.  ‘Nicely done,’ she said approvingly.  ‘Now, if you could release, Fraulein Riley, Lupe, we will strip and examine the second piece of merchandise.

From where she lay on the floor, Belinda heard a gagged groan from deep in Jana’s throat.  Resigned to whatever lay ahead, she let her face sink down to the floor.  Then, she saw the broken blade winking at her in the light.

Perhaps there was still hope.


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