The Adventures of Belinda Carver, Ace Reporter:

Hot Wheels

Chapter Eight: All is revealed

By Cordelia White

Based on a story outline developed with Jeb, and with valuable plotting ideas and technical advice provided by Jeb.



 ‘Wakey, wakey, Frauleins.’

The announcement as the baroness, Lupe and Ramon entered the room was redundant.  Following a fitful and uncomfortable night, all three captives were already conscious.  In fact, Belinda Carver, budding investigative journalist, currently detailed to cover a major social event, and Jana Riley, the paper’s key photographer, had been awake for quite some time.  This was hardly surprising.  Both lay naked in copious amounts of rope, and both were gagged with large rubber balls and surgical tape.  But what was far worse – and far more humiliating – was to be tied face to face.  Every time that Belinda woke she found Jana’s eyes staring into her own.  Their chests were mashed together.  Belinda’s buxom form was squeezed against Jana’s smaller, but still pleasingly-sized breasts.  The way they were tied, with their elbows crushed together, thrust both sets of breasts out in a way that no position would mitigate.  Each breath, each wriggle of their bodies had extreme mammarian consequences.  It was as bad, or even worse, lower down.  Two flat tummies and two slender pairs of thighs were compressed against each other.  In between, their pubic mounds were glued together, secured in place by an agonizing cord through both crotches.  Across the room the singer, Diamond Dayle lay on her front in a tight hog-tie.

 ‘I hope you slept well, Frauleins,’ the baroness sneered.  ‘A quick trip to use the facilities, and then we’ll be ready to start your morning’s exercise session.  You’ve got a long day ahead of you.  It is gut to make an early start, no?’

From her constricted position, lying on her side, tied face to face with Jana, Belinda could just catch a glimpse of their three tormentors.  The baroness wore a similar outfit to the previous day.  It consisted of leather pants, a tight, silk shirt, which barely contained her voluptuous breasts, and knee length, spiked-heeled, black leather boots.  She carried a black riding crop under one arm.  Lupe wore blue denims and a red tank top.  Ramon wore black pants and a black silk shirt that was unbuttoned far enough to show copious amounts of hairsuit chest.

Ropes were removed and handcuffs installed on hands and feet.  Their hands were behind their backs.  Each remained gagged with the rubber ball and tape.  Diamond Dayle’s blindfold was removed.  But, unlike those of her companions, her ball-and-tape gag was still reinforced with a cloth tied tightly over her mouth.

At least they were allowed the use of the toilet in private.  As soon as all three had made the trip, the baroness announced the start of the morning’s exercise session.  ‘I do like my merchandise to be as fit as possible, frauleins,’ she announced, smiling.

Merchandise. Belinda groaned at the mention of the word.  She wished that Ramon would take his eyes from her breasts.  The only time he ever seemed to do so was to look at her pubic mound, or that of one of her fellow captives.

‘My estate here has extensive grounds,’ the baroness was saying.  ‘And it is very secluded.  You will not be disturbed during your morning run.  And it will not matter that you are naked.  No-one will see you, frauleins.  I think a mile will be enough to begin your exercise regime.’

Belinda was stunned.  They were going to be made to exercise outside – IN THE NUDE.

Both Lupe and Ramon were looking at them with unconcealed sexual glee at the announcement of their latest humiliation.  The baroness, in contrast, had the expression that Belinda always imagined accompanied the German athletics trainer in search of medal success a the Olympic Games.   Where Lupe and Ramon displayed undisguised lust, the baroness showed only sadistic detachment.

‘Ramon take their ankle cuffs off, please,’ she ordered and put them on their elbows.  Then, add a cloth covering to the tape gags of Fraulein Carver and Fraulein Riley.  There is much wind and rain outside and we do not want the tape peeling off so that they can expel the balls from their mouths. … Not that anyone will hear them if they do get ungagged,’ she added.  ‘But I do not want them speaking.’

Belinda fought back the urge to give Ramon a kick somewhere extremely painful as he stooped to release her ankles.  When he had locked them on her elbows, he did so just above the joint.  It wasn’t as bad as the rope that had earlier crushed her elbows together, but it still pulled them back unnaturally and it still forced her to push her breasts out.

‘Now, frauleins,’ the baroness continued when three pairs of ankles had been released, three pairs of elbows had been restrained, and Belinda and Jana wore suitably reinforced gags.  ‘I have things to do.  Fraulein Martinez will put you through your paces.’

Belinda gulped.  The baroness was bad enough.  But the Mexican would be sure to eke every ounce of sexual humiliation out of the ordeal.

Gracias, seňora,’ Lupe said excitedly.  Her eyes bored into Belinda’s pubic mound.  ‘May I borrow your riding crop, please?’

‘Of course, Fraulein,’ the baroness said, with exaggerated courtesy as she handed the crop to Lupe.

Gracias.  She waved the crop at the three bound and gagged women.  ‘Get going, sluts’ she ordered.

To say that none of the women was very keen to respond was an understatement.  Braless jogging was not something any of them had ever contemplated.  It sat up there on the list with braless aerobics and alligator wrestling.

‘At once,’ Lupe shouted, waving the crop again.  ‘You, Seňorita Big Boobs will take the lead.’

Despondently, Belinda led the party back down stairs and out of the house.  She would have found it cold outside, even if she had not been naked.  Wind swept at her face and long hair, which despite her ordeal had stayed in its ponytail.  Rain splattered chest and stomach.  And a chill spread through here nude form.

‘Now, seňoritas.  You will go on the path as far as the trees in single file with Big Boobs leading,’ Lupe ordered.  ‘When you get to the trees you will go on to the grass and loop around in front of the woods still in single file.  You will keep in sight at all times.  When you have done that you wll turn and copme back across the grass to this point.’  She turned to Ramon and sniggered.  ‘For that part of the run you will be side by side.’  She sniggered again.  ‘You will be coming towards us, si.  Ramon and I will wish to see all of you, how do you say, full frontal.  We wish to see your boobs bouncing up and down, non – especially yours, Seňorita Carver.’

Belinda gulped.  These people were mad.

‘I know how humiliating this must be for you, senoritas,’ Lupe continued, with mock sympathy.  ‘If I were standing here, naked and bound and gagged, I would simply die.’  She reached out and took grip of Belinda’s left breast, letting her thumb play across the nipple.  Behind its cloth gag, Belinda’s face grimaced.  ‘Then, it serves you right for being so nosey, non, Seňorita Investigative Reporter.  Now start running.’

Belinda set off.  She could sense Jana immediately behind her.  Straight away, four things became apparent.  First, it was hard to run on the path barefoot.  Second, it was tremendously hard to keep balance with their arms secured behind their backs.  Third, their rubber-ball, tape and cloth gags meant that they had to breathe entirely through their noses, which was going to be hard.  And four, there was absolutely nothing that they could do to stop their breasts from bouncing up and down painfully.

‘Faster,’ Big Boobs,’ Lupe demanded.  A mile, run gagged, was never going to be easy.  Belinda deliberately hadn’t started fast, but even so it was already hard.  Reluctantly she speeded up.

Belinda fought her discomfort enough to look around for clues to where they were and how they might escape.  The baroness was certainly right when she said that the grounds were large.  It was clear that they were also completely secluded.  With the exception of the house that they had just left, she could see nothing in any direction except trees, plants and grass.  She would have to wait for the return run to be sure.  But she was pretty certain that there were no other sign of life in sight.

‘On the grass, Big Boobs,’ Lupe shouted.

The grass was damp beneath Belinda’s soles.  The surface was slightly easier on her bare feet.  But not as much as the naked reporter had helped.  They must have covered a quarter of a mile now and Belinda’s chest began to burn.  She struggled to suck in air through her nose.  They were running level with the woods.  Belinda wondered whether she should make a break for it, into the undergrowth.  But it was impossible naked.  The ground would tear at her feet and the branches would whip at her exposed breasts and flesh.  With her wrists and elbows cuffed behind her, she wouldn’t be able to remove the gag, and with the gag in her mouth, she’d never put enough distance between herself and her captors to elude recapture.  Had her elbows not been secured, she might have taken the risk and then tried to get her hands over her naked rump and round front and remove the cloth and tape from her mouth to allow her to spit the foul tasting rubber ball out.  But with her elbows cuffed together that was not an option.  A failed escape attempt would surely bring retribution and additional safeguards.  It would be better to stay with her captors and look for an alternative plan of action.  She only hoped that it was not a decision that she would live to regret.

They were on the return leg now.  Belinda felt rain splash her naked breasts and stomach and drive into her face.

‘Get side by side,’ Lupe shouted.

Belinda watched as Jana and Diamond Dayle drew side by side with her.  Belinda looked sideways.  Like her, their legs were caked with mud, their bodies were red cold and damp with rain, and their breasts, thrust out by the elbow cuffs, bounced up and down and side to side as they ran.  Jana’a long legs meant that she was having little difficulty in keeping up with the pace, even though she was naked.  BUT diamond was short and it was clearly harder for her.  Belinda could see the house clearly now.  It was not particularly large, probably not more than ten or twelve rooms, but it certainly was secluded.  Belinda could see no sign of habitation in the other direction either.

‘Half a mile.  Just one more lap to do,’ Lupe announced when they arrived back at the start.  ‘I want to see those boobs bouncing even more than they already are,’ she added.

Jana’s chest was on fire as she struggled onwards.  The weight of the handcuffs dragged at her wrists and elbows.  Her breasts pounded up and down, up and down.  The run was even more humiliating than the striptease she had been forced to do and being tied face to face with Belinda.  She looked to her right, where Belinda ran beside her.  If they ever got free, she would kill Belinda for getting her into this.  Why couldn’t she mind her own business?  It was no consolation that Belinda’s larger breasts were jumping about even more than hers.

They were back on the gravel path.  Jana bit into her gag at the discomfort to her feet.  In front of her she could see Belinda’s arms, pulled inwards by the elbow cuffs, and her bare rump, barely concealed by her joined wrists.  As they pulled back on to the grass, Jana pulled side by side with the reporter.  Beside her came Diamond Dayle, the petite woman fighting back the pain of endurance.

Diamond Dayle couldn't believe that this was happening.  Here she was, nude.  Not just partially clothed.  But completely and totally nude, her private body on display for all to see, her breasts bouncing up and down with the exertion, her nipples erect from the cold air.  Her naked skin was being lashed by the cold rain, her legs ached, the soles of her feet stung, and her lungs heaving with the exertion of struggling to breathe through the ball gag, tape and cloth.  Then there was the lewd attention of her captors.  They had forced her to strip, examined her body in minute detail, made her divulge the most personal of information: her bra size, her waist and hip measurments, her height and weight.  She hated the way that they kept staring at her breasts and her loins.  And not just Ramon, but his sister as well.  And there was worse.  They intended to put pictures of her naked on a web site for all to see.  During her career, she had deliberately exploited her sexiness.  Why not?  But each performance was meant to tease - not to reveal.

She had been accustomed to commanding attention, of course – her voice, her stage presence, had allowed her to dominate concert stages, talk shows, and gatherings for years. Not a day went by without her being showered with compliments, asked for beauty tips about her magnificent hair.  But hair was not now a means of sexiness and attraction, but simply an obstacle to clear vision as she desperately tried to keep up. And with her writs and elbows cuffed behind her back, she could do nothing to stop it blowing in her face. 

It stunned her to realize that she had no more claim to consideration than either of the two women running with her… perhaps even less, she realized, noting that their captors seemed to find Belinda’s breasts far more interesting than anything about the “great” Diamond Dayle. Here, for this audience, she realized that she was no more than a pair of breasts, a set of legs. She was female flesh, to be scrutinized and compared to other such flesh. Diamond Dayle was no longer a name on a marquee or CD cover now.  It was simply a convenient way for her captors to distinguish one set of tits and ass from the others.

As the three of them came into what had to be the final length, they could see that the baroness had now joined the two Mexicans and had recovered her crop.  She stood smiling, as the three naked women came towards her, their bodies and hair wet with rain water.

‘Sprint, frauleins,’ she shouted.  ‘Sprint or, I will make you do another lap, and I will have Ramon whip you round.’

She held up the whip for emphasis.  But none of them needed encouragement.  Even Diamond, who had had the hardest run, began to sprint.  Her long hair flapped around her face, and even hit Jana next to her.  Belinda’s breasts flailed even more as she run.  She had never imagined that breast-reduction surgery might be a pre-requisite for investigative journalism.

Gut, frauleins,’ the baroness said.  I can see that both you and your breasts got an excellent workout.  But you are splattered with mud.  So it is necessary that you all have a good shower.  Get going.’

Belinda could hardly move.  She stood doubled up at the waist fighting for breath.  She was dimly aware that that posture made her breasts hang down and gave both Ramon and his sister the most delightful chest display yet.  But she was too exhausted to care.

‘I said move, frauleins,’ the baroness said.  ‘Or do I have to have Ramon carry you?’

Despondently the three naked women made their way back into the house, up the stairs and into the shower room.  As soon as they were there, the cuffs were removed from their elbows and replaced on their ankles.  Their handcuffs were changed from back to front and the cloth was removed from their mouths, leaving just the medical tape to hold in the rubber balls.  They were motioned to stand under the shower faucets.  Minutes later, warm rather than hot water gushed over their heads and bodies.

‘Wash,’ the Baroness ordered.  ‘As I said before, I like my merchandise to be nicely turned out at all times    One at a time.’  She tossed a bottle of shampoo and a bar of soap to Belinda.  ‘You first.  When you have washed your hair and body, you will give the soap and shampoo to Fraulein Riley.’

So it was to be another humiliating performance.  Lupe and Ramon were watching Belinda with undisguised sexual glee.  Her hair was already wet from the rain and the shower.  She shampooed it copiously, aware but not caring that the action raised and shook her breasts, after the forced run, it was nothing.  When she had rinsed her hair, she used the soap to wash herself the best she could, aware that the cuffs prevented her from reaching her back and bottom, and taking trouble to give her more embarrassing parts only cursory attention.

She handed the soap and shampoo to Jana.

‘Wait,’ barked the baroness.  Fraulein Carver, you have not washed yourself properly.  You still have to do your breasts, your pubic mound, and what you Americans coyly call your pussy to do.  You will do them now, and you will spend at least five minutes on them.  You will start with your boobs.  You will move on to your mound only when I tell you to.  Now commence.  And work up a good lather.’

More humiliation.  Reluctantly, Belinda began to soap her breasts, reddening under the gaze of her three tormenters.  The baroness made her soap them time and time again until finally she told her to move on to her pubic mound.  Belinda struggled to hide her embarrassment as she began to wash herself there.

‘Come on, Fraulein Carver,’ the baroness taunted.  ‘If you cannot wash your pussy hair properly, I shall have Lupe shave it off.’

Belinda gulped into her gag.  The last but one thing she wanted was to have her pubic hair shaved off.  The last thing was for Lupe to do it.  She desperately began to lather her pubic mound with the soap, reddening like a beetroot as she did so.  When the baroness indicated that it was time to wash between her legs, she did so.

It was a similar performance with both Jana and Diamond Dayle.  Both were made to wash themselves to order as intimately as Belinda had.  The reporter noticed that Jana went nearly as red as her hair, as she washed her pubic hair.

At last it came to an end.  Or did it?

‘Well, frauleins,’ the baroness said, when they had finished washing.  We still have your bottoms to do.  As I can see that you cannot do your own wearing those handcuffs, I will require that you wash each other’s bottoms.  In addition, I am still not happy with the way you have washed your boobs, pussy mounds and pussies.  So I will require you to wash one another’s.  We will start with the nosey reporter once again.  Fraulein Carver, you will lift you hands over your head so that the handcuffs are behind your neck.

Belinda bit into her gag and did as she was told, feeling her naked breasts rise as she did.

‘Now,’ the baroness continued.  ‘Which one of you is going to wash Fraulein Carver?  Ah, you, I think, Fraulein Dayle.  You will start with her breasts.

The baroness made Diamond soap Belinda’s breasts for at least five minutes, much to the reporter’s acute embarrassment.  Then, she directed the singer to wash first Belinda’s back and underarms and then her stomach.  Then she had her kneel and wash Belinda’s legs starting at the ankles and working her way up to the top of her thighs.  It was a monstrous humiliation.  But worse was to come when the Baroness directed Diamond towards Belinda’s bottom.  Finally, she made her wash Belinda’s pubic mound and crotch.  Belinda had never been touched there by another woman and wanted it never to happen again.

Belinda now watched while Jana was forced to wash Diamond Dayle in the same way.  Once again, the Baroness made her soap the singer’s breasts for a full five minutes before directing her to other parts of Diamonds body.  She finished up by forcing Jana to soap Diamonds pubic mound and then directing her to wash right between Diamond’s legs.  Then it was her turn to wash Jana. 

The reporter took the soap in her handcuffed hands and raised it towards Jana’s pert breasts.  She felt the redhead stiffen as she began to soap them.  By the time she had finished, the photographer’s chest was etched with a pink rash of embarrassment.  Jana’s bottom followed.  Then, the baroness directed Belinda to Jana’s pubic mound.  It felt strange to touch a woman there.  But it was even worse when the baroness made Belinda work her way back between Jana’s legs.

‘Time to brush your teeth,’ the baroness said abruptly, producing some items from the bag.  ‘We don’t want to diminish your value.’

No towel was offered.  So the three women dripped over to the basin where the German woman deposited the teeth-cleaning equipment.

There was a rather large tube of toothpaste, but only one toothbrush.  Evidently they would have to share.  The baroness went to Diamond Dayle first and ripped the tape from her mouth.  Despite its period in the shower, the tape tore at her skin as it was removed.  Diamond pushed the rubber ball out with her tongue and then took the brush from her captor.  Belinda watched while the singer brushed her teeth, and then Jana got the same treatment.  Then it was her turn.

As soon as the ball was out of her mouth, Belinda eased her jaw, trying to relieve the strain that had invaded it long ago.  Then, she picked up the toothbrush and gave her teeth a good cleaning.

‘Time to get dry, Frauleins,’ the Baroness said.  She held a towel to each of her three dripping captives.  ‘Make sure you dry yourself properly.  ‘I wouldn’t want my merchandise to catch a cold, would I?’

Belinda took a towel from her.  It was threadbare and yellow.  But it would have to do.  She’d have liked a second towel for her head, but there was none available.  So she towelled her hair vigorously, trying to get as moisture out of it as possible, aware as she did so that her aching breasts were again bouncing up and down, and she damned the presence of the invading eyes of the Baroness.  She managed to do quite a good job of getting her hair dry even though her wrists were cuffed.  As soon as she had rubbed down her body as well, she wrapped it around her, tucking in the end just above her full breasts, just as Diamond and Jana did.  It was small enough to leave all of her long legs bare, but it was just long enough to cover everything that mattered.  She looked in the mirror and arranged her hair the best she could before the other two back into the main room.

Jana and Diamond Dayle were made to stand side by side in the middle of the room with their cuffed hands on their heads.  Belinda joined on to the end of the line so that she was next to Jana.  The Baroness immediately motioned that Belinda should also put her hands on the top of her head.  The cuffs chinked as she did so.  Belinda was aware that the effect of lifting her arms raised her breasts as well, and with them her towel.  To her relief, she remained just about decent. JUST.

Across the room, Ramon stood motionless, his eyes as usual taking in every inch of the flesh on parade.  In contrast, Lupe was busy unpacking a medium-sized sports bag.  From it, she produced numerous coils of rope, four large balls of twine a large amount of torn up lengths of cloth and two rolls of wide medical tape.

The Baroness also had a small bag.  Hers yielded the underwear that had been taken from them the previous night.  She tipped it unceremoniously on to the floor, the six tiny garments scattering across the carpet.  Jana’s peach-tone panties landed apart from the other things.  The Baroness picked them up, shook them out, examined the patterning on their front triangle carefully, read the label which was fixed to the rear portion, and then threw them back on to the floor.  The landed on top of Belinda’s discarded bra.  Belinda looked longingly at her white panties.  They lay on the floor, entangled in Diamond Dayle’s white bra. 

Jana felt herself blush at the attention paid to her intimate undergarment.  Next to her, both Belinda and Dayle shared her humiliation.  Then the Baroness began to speak.

‘So Frauleins,’ she said.  ‘I suppose you want to what is going to happen to you.’  And you, Nosey Reporter,’ she said, addressing Belinda directly.  ‘You must want to know exactly what is going on.’

The taunting of the previous night and during the humiliations of the morning had more or less given the game away.  Belinda was sure that the Baroness was some kind of modern-day white slaver.  She had read about white slavery as an adolescent and more recently seen references to it in newspaper archives and on the net.  But the assumption of all was that white slavers were an urban myth.  There may be sordid crooks sexually exploiting and even kidnapping and selling women. But this was an adjunct of the sex industry.  The idea of an up-standing citizen operating a white slavery business like a modern-day Fu Man Chu was, Belinda had assumed, a fantasy.  It was the stuff of the yellow novel or of the kind of stories one found on the internet these days.

‘Yes, please tell me’ Belinda affirmed, keen to find out as much as possible, and pleased that after so long gagged, she had the opportunity to speak.

‘Well, it is simple, Frauleins,’ the Baroness said.  ‘Lupe and I have combined our businesses.’

‘You mean that you are now producing tortillas and sauerkraut,’ Belinda said sarcastically.

The Baroness laughed.  It was a phoney, forced laugh.

‘Very droll,’ she said.  ‘You Americans have such a dry sense of humour.  No, Lupe and her brother, are, as I think you know, Fraulein Carver, very accomplished car thieves.'

She gave Belinda a fixed stare.

‘I, on the other hand, steal and sell something completely different.  I am, how do you say it, a white slaver.’

She smiled.  The Baroness smiling was a strange phenomenon, like a small unwelcome crack appearing across the front of an iceberg.

‘But, I am not any ordinary white slaver.  I will tell you about it.  But, first, I think, Frauleins, that those towels of yours have outstayed their welcome.  It would be such a shame to hide the splendours they cover from the prying eyes of Ramon and Lupe.  No?’

She stepped forward and tugged swiftly at the yellow towel which just about covered Belinda’s body.  It was only tucked in at the top and it came off instantly, leaving the reporter once again completely naked.  Under Ramon's prying eyes, her thirty-six C breasts immediately felt as if they had expanded to thirty-eight double D.  Beside her, Jana cursed as her towel was also whisked away.  Diamond Dayle contented herself with a look of distress as she too was rendered nude once again.  The three women stood there for the approval of their captors, breasts lifted and loins bared.  Belinda automatically pushed her knees and thighs as close together as they would go.

'That is so-o-o much better,' the Baroness continued.  'For us, not for you, of course.'  ‘I can see that all three of you find being naked in front of others very embarrassing.  That red rash above your bare breasts Fraulein Riley, it gives it away.  No?  And Fraulein Carver, if you press your legs together any harder, you will become, how do you say it, knock-kneed.   And Fraulein Dayle.  No matter how hard you try, you will not make the ground under you swallow you up.  Get used to it Frauleins.  Things are going to get very much worse for you from now on.  You will find that complete and total nudity is going to be your normal state of affairs in the future.’

The look on Ramon’s eyes said it all.  Belinda felt herself shiver and not just from cold.  The mess she had got herself and Jana into had taken a decided turn for the worse.

‘Now where was I,’ the Baroness continued.  She paused.  ‘Forgetting my manners, it seems.  It must be very uncomfortable standing there with your hands on your heads, Frauleins.  Lupe, if you could do the honours and tie our guests arms behind their backs, I would be very much obliged.’

‘It would be a pleasure, Baroness,’ Lupe said keenly.  ‘I will make sure that I tie them as tightly as it is possible.’

‘That is what I would expect, Lupe,’ the Baroness said.  She held her hand out so that the keys to the handcuffs dangled from two fingers.  Lupe took them and went first to Diamond Dayle.  Belinda heard a clinking of metal as the cuffs were removed.  That was followed by several gasps of pain as Lupe bound Diamond’s wrists and elbows together behind her back, taking care to cinch the binding down hard.  When she had finished Diamond’s hands were secured palm to palm and her elbows were united in a painful swathe of cord.

Lupe went to Jana next.  Belinda watched as the naked photographer fought the thin twine with which the Mexican had chosen to bind their arms.  But it was of no avail.  Soon Jana was tied in exactly the same way as Diamond, her arms were united behind her back from her elbows to her wrists in a shoulder-straining posture

Finally, it was Belinda’s turn.   Belinda gasped at the tightness with which Lupe corded her wrists and then wound rope between them to cinch the binding.  But the elbow tie was much worse.  Lupe wound the twine twice around Belinda’s upper arms and then tugged on the ends until Belinda’s elbows were ground together, bone on bone.  She knotted the binding tightly and then wound the twine between Belinda’s arms to cinch that bond too.  Belinda yelped as her body contorted.  She felt her shoulders pulled back sharply as her shoulder blades tried in vain to meet behind her, and her breasts lifted and thrust out.  Tied like that, she felt even more vulnerable than before.

Lupe now took up position next to the Baroness.

All the time, the Baroness had been admiring Lupe’s rope work.  Belinda saw the German’s eyes flicker up and down the row of women at breast level as if admiring the view.

‘There, the Baroness said. ‘I like that much better.  Having your elbows tied together behind your back, makes your arms almost completely useless.  Does it not, frauleins?  And that little bit of discomfort is just enough to discourage you from escape attempts.  It also makes your breasts so much more prominent.  The three of you must feel, how do Americans say it.  All tits and ass.  What do you think, Ramon?  Nice! No?’

Belinda grimaced at the coarseness of the Baroness’ language.  They were not words that she would ever choose to use.  But in other ways they summed up exactly how she felt, standing there nude in a line of naked women, her breasts presented for all and sundry to see.  The memory of the humiliating shower was still strong, and with it the mortifying presence of Diamond Dayle’s hand between her legs.  Reddening at the recollection, Belinda pressed her thighs even closer together than before.

‘I don’t know what you imagine you’ve got planned for us, you bitches,’ Jana shot out suddenly, ‘but you’re never get away with it.’

Belinda waited for revenge to be visited on Jana for her rash words.  But none came.

‘Ah, a woman of spirit,’ the Baroness declared.  ‘You should provide much sport.  But for now, you’ve reminded that you have not been gagged since your ablutions.  That is a circumstance that I think we should at once remedy.  Lupe, would you like to do the honours again.’

Si, Baroness,’ Lupe said instantly.  ‘It will be a pleasure.’

She gathered up materials and this time came first to Belinda.’

‘No, Fraulein,’ the baroness chided.  ‘Use their panties. …  And,’ she added, ‘be imaginative.’

Lupe giggled like a school girl; then, stooping, she picked up the three pairs of panties from the floor.

‘Open up wide, Seńorita Carver,’ she ordered.  She sorted through the three garments in her hand and then carefully selected on pair.  ‘Sniggering wickedly at her choice, she held up a pair of panties to Belinda’s mouth.

Belinda could see that her chosen gag was peach-coloured.  She groaned.  Not only was the undergarment Jana’s, but it was the most substantial of the three pairs.  She retched as the panties were stuffed into her mouth.  Lupe, however, wasn’t satisfied and added a piece of cloth after them, so that the combined packing filled Belinda’s cheeks and pressed at the back of her mouth.  She then used a third length of cloth to tie it in place, tying a knot in the centre of it, before forcing that knot between Belinda’s teeth so that it pushed the other cloth in even farther and tying it at the back of Belinda’s head.

Lupe again worked her way down the line, gagging each of them the same way.  Diamond Dayle was gagged with Belinda’s panties and Jana was gagged with the singer’s.  Both had cloth added as well.  By the time she had returned to the Baroness’ side, all three women were gagging and retching from bulky mouth packing.

‘Now,’ the Baroness continued, ‘I can continue in silence.  Where was I?  Yes I know.  I was telling you that whereas Lupe and Ramon here are car thieves, I am a white slaver.  But, you understand, I am not just any white slaver.  No, I am a businesswoman.  My family were industrialists in Germany and I have an MBA from Harvard Business School.  I know the all about the importance of niche marketing.  So, I specialise in very special abductions.  Abductions to order.’

Her eyes continued to flicker up and down the line as she spoke.  But now they were lower.  Belinda looked up to see the Lupe’s eyes boring into her triangle of dark pubic hair.  Then, the eyes suddenly shot back up to her breasts. She was all but licking her lips.

‘My white slavery niche has paid off very well.  That I have to say.  But you know what they say.  You have to speculate to accumulate.  Remember the economist, Joseph Schumpeter.  Innovation is the meat of economic revolution.  So I looked for a new niche.  And I found one.  A new venture and a new partner.  Lupe and I are going into a business together.  And Fraulein Dayle here is our first venture.  In future, anyone with enough money will be able to commission us to steal the vehicle of any female celebrity they want, and we will throw it the celebrity herself.’

Belinda heard a faint groan of objection from Diamond.  It was immediately taken over by renewed retching.  The effect was to prompt both Belinda and Jan to retch to.  The Baroness waited for it to die down before continuing.

‘You know, Frauleins, all that coughing and retching is quite becoming,’ she began.  It makes your chests heave and your breasts bounce so fetchingly.  But you really have to learn to control your gag reflexes.  You are going to spend most of your future lives gagged, and I’d hate you to suffer unnecessarily.

‘This evening, the famous Bentley of the famous country and western singer, Miss Diamond Dayle, will cross over the border to Mexico.  It will go a side route.  The woman at the wheel will look sufficiently like Fraulein Dayle to fool all but the closest look.  But that person will be Lupe, dressed in Fraulein Dayle’s clothes, wearing Fraulein Dayle’s sun glasses, and with a wig to make her look as if she had Fraulein Dayle’s hair. 

Fraulein Dayle, herself will be in the trunk, naked, bound into the tiniest ball, and gagged so thoroughly that what you are suffering now will seem like nothing in comparison

‘Tomorrow, both Fraulein Dayle and her famous car will be delivered to someone willing to part with …’

The Baroness smiled her lukewarm smile again.  ‘Some things must remain a secret,’ she said.  ‘Call it a business confidentiality.’

‘As for you two,’ she said looking at Belinda and Jana.  ‘Sale will also be your ultimate destination.  But first there will be another little diversion for the two of you.  Lupe, Ramon and I are intending to set up a business HQ just out of United States jurisdiction.  We have already put a payment down on a rather large estate.  Most of my furniture has been sent on.  Some of the money we get for Fraulein Dayle will cement the purchase.  It will not only be our HQ, it is a rather good business investment in its own right.  You two are about to begin a new career in domestic service.'

The Baroness paused dramatically to let the information seep in.  'It will be refreshing to have waitress service for breakfast, lunch and dinner,' she crowed.  'But even better when the waitresses are naked.'

Belinda heard a deep throaty groan from Jana.

'Oh, it's ridiculous that you look so shocked Fraulein Riley,' the Baroness said.  'That is only the smallest detail of your future lifestyle.  There is very much more, including a good deal of rather more physical work for you to do.  The estate we are purchasing has extensive grounds that will need a lot of upkeep.  The two of you will have a very strenuous experience.  And I intend to keep you naked all the time.  Believe me, you will soon look forward to serving dinner to myself and my guests.’

Belinda struggled to take the information in.  There should be no way that they could get away with such a monstrous idea.  But as hard as she thought, she could think of nothing that was likely to stand in their way.

‘I can see from your faces that you do not exactly welcome what I have in mind for you, Fraulein Carver and Fraulein Riley.  Believe me, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  You ought to know that when I say domestic service, I mean domestic service in the widest possible sense.  So your duties will not end when the lights go out, so to speak.’

Ramon giggled lasciviously at this.  Belinda felt week in the knees.

‘But at least you’ll be together.’  If Belinda hadn’t have been too shocked to notice, she would have heard the Baroness snigger.  ‘If you think that last night sleeping arrangements and this mornings shower were intimate, wait to you discover what’s in store for you.  I do hope you’re good friends, Fraulein Carver and Fraulein Riley, because you’re about become extremely close.  And I mean extremely close.’

The Baroness laughed her coarse throaty laugh.  Roman seemed beside himself with lust.

‘But, before we can leave, Lupe, Ramon and I have much to do,’ the Baroness concluded.  ‘You on the contrary are not going anywhere.  Lupe, let’s get these three lovebirds properly restrained.’

It was a reprieve, Belinda thought to herself. As long as they were here, there remained the possibility of escape: not a very big one; but a possibility none the less.


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