by Charles Spencer

BrightmanWendy Brightman was angry; indeed she was flaming mad at herself for getting into her predicament, as she lay on her bed staring at the ceiling. At least she would have seen the ceiling but for the blindfold; a pad over each eye stuck down with wide sticky tape wound around her head. She tried to ease her position but all she could manage was a weak fluttering of the shoulders.

She remembered how he had tied her up. Her wrists had been secured tightly behind her back and then her elbows tied together with rope. More rope had then been wound around her chest and arms both above and below her breasts so that her upper body was immovable. Next her legs had been bent ankle to opposite knee and tied there by yards of rope so that her legs were open in a triangle.A further rope was tied around her waist and long lengths pulled down from the front, attached to her wrist bonds, pulled down around her ankles and back to her stomach and tied off.

He then returned to her head; her long hair was caught in a slip knot of thin twine which closed tight. The end was then pulled down to her elbow ropes so that her head was bent back. He then packed her mouth with a large silk scarf,picked up another long scarf and pulled this over the packing. This was tied behind her neck, the ends pulled back and a square knot tied in the middle of her mouth over the other scarf. He slapped her sharply on the thigh, she screamed but all that came out was a whistled, muffled grunt inaudible even to her.He looked pleased. Wide sticky tape was then wound around her head over the packing so that she could not expel the scarfs. Finally cotton wool was pressed into her ears and taped over.

She was unable to move, see, hear or speak and was feeling very sore about it as she waited for her husband to come back from his business trip. She lay back and reflected on her day.

It had started well enough; they had recently moved into a new house and she was still organising the unpacking when there was a knock on the back door. She opened it, a bit surprised that the visitor hadn't come to the front door, and was faced by a Mickey Mouse in overalls waving a long knife. The character motioned to her to move back into the house and locked the door behind him.

With sudden fright she realised she only had her housecoat on and suddenly felt very naked. The man dumped his bag on the kitchen table and pulled out a few lengths of rope. "Hands behind you," he whispered," and do not make a sound." Quickly he roped her wrists together palm to palm. Like a magicians act a roll of tape also appeared from the bag, a length was cut off and pressed firmly over her lips.

"Now show me over the house." he commanded. With a shrug of the shoulders as she realised there was nothing she could do to object, she led off. In each room he collected all the worthwhile valuables, including all her jewellery from the main bedroom. They found themselves back in the living room.

Quietly he approached her and undid the buttons on her coat. She shrank from his grasp but could go nowhere. He pulled the coat down her shoulders and she was bare from the waist. Her wrists were undone, the coat slipped off and her panties peeled down her hips until she was naked. Her hands were then tied in front of her and cinched tight. A rope was run through those ropes and her arms pulled over her head, the rope pulled down through her legs, up around her waist and tied off.

The tape was ripped off, her knickers pushed into her mouth and the strip of tape pressed firmly over the lips to keep the packing in. The man then tied and cinched her ankles and knees with many strands of rope. She was pushed to the floor and a long length of rope fed between her wrist bonds. The other end was threaded through her ankle ropes and pulled so that her legs were bent behind her, but he kept on pulling until her back was strained in a bow shape and she was screaming behind her gag.

"Tell me where the safe is " he ordered.

Shaking her head she refused but she could not hold out for long and in the end he ripped the tape from her lips and she spat the sodden package out. After she had told him he regagged her and went off to empty the safe as she lay in agony on her new lounge carpet.

He returned, undid the rope holding her in a bow and forced her to hop towards the kitchen, muttering all the while about having something to eat. Just as he reached to open the kitchen door there was a knock on the outside back door and she tried to scream. Quickly, the man pushed her to the ground into a kneeling position and wrapped a long length of rope around her shins and back so that she was bent into a ball with her nose pressed into her thick pile carpet. Opening the hall cupboard, he rolled her in and closed the door. Dimly she heard him enter the kitchen calling out to the visitor. "Hello, Mrs Brightman is tied up at the moment, she asked me to pay you."

Wendy meanwhile, was rubbing her face from side to side in the carpet pile in a desperate attempt to dislodge the tape. Bitterly, she heard the conversation draw to a close; then suddenly an edge caught and she pulled away from the carpet pushing with her tongue at the same time.

Out popped the sodden knickers, catching her by surprise; she drew a breath to scream but only a strangled rush of air came out. She tried again, when the door was opened and he was down beside her with a sweaty hand over her face so that she could not breathe. She was held like this for a few moments until he was satisfied all was quiet and then he dragged her across the floor to the kitchen.

There he took the big sponge she had been using to wash the sink and pushed this fully into her mouth. Her jaws felt as though they would break, they were stretched so wide. Strips of tape held this in and she was left in her uncomfortable ball whilst he found some food.

Once he had some food on the cooker, he came back to her and undid the ropes around her legs allowing her to straighten them. Next he pulled her ankles up and behind her head and tied them to her arms, so she was left, back against the wall, with her front spread open to the world and she was glad she was supple enough to fit these contortions. She lay there as he finished his leisurely meal.

She was numb with the strain of her position by the time he was finished. She was untied fully and allowed to stretch and drink a glass of water as her mouth was parched from the continual gagging. The man then took her upstairs and tied her up as she now lay.

Furiously, she wriggled and wrestled with her bonds to try and get free as the frustration broke through her and she screamed and screamed. "Mmmmhh! Phhmm!" All that came out was a high pitched nasal whine which would not have been heard outside the room and the ropes, of course, stayed tight and uncomfortable. She lay back and waited for help.

The End...?

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