Jeb's Adventure Bound

For those who are new, this is another page celebrating "Damsels in Distress"-- Virtuous Heroines placed in Perilous Predicaments by Vile Villains and Villainesses, before being rescued by Valorous Heroes. I share with many men and women a fondness for this type of fiction, as well as a deep affection for the plucky heroines who populate our stories. Anyone likely to take offense at this should go elsewhere.

As I indicated before, this version of the site will be lower-key than the old one, but I will probably re-introduce some graphic design elements to the page over the next few months.

I emphasize that you will find no sex, pornography, or nudity at this site. The stories are intended for the enjoyment of adults who share my enthusiasms; anyone looking for traditional "adult" entertainment will be sorely disappointed.

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