The Perils of Lianni

By Dana Bowman, Jeb, and Jeanne Thorne

Some time back, my friends Jeanne and Dana had an idea for some online role-playing. Jeanne liked to play the ruthless lady pirate (memorialized in my story Over the Bounding Main), while Dana fancied herself a classic jungle queen. The idea was that these two characters would have some fun catfight/bondage/domination, and they invited me to play all the other parts.

Well, it turned out that online roleplay wasn't going to work out (mostly due to scheduling issues-- Jeanne and I were on opposite coasts, while Dana was in Australia at at the time), so we set up a Yahoo group where we could each post chapters in an ongoing story.

At the time, the plan was to see how it worked out, and then possibly post the final version here-- no one wanted to commit to it, until we were further along with it, because we didn't want anyone to be inhibited in terms of what they'd write; as you'll see, both Dana and Jeanne have some pretty fiendish imaginations where girl-girl bondage and catfighting are concerned.

Anyway, back in about May, Jeanne and Dana just disappeared from my online world. No idea where, or how they are. I know they were both going through some tough personal transitions when last I heard from them, but I really don't know any more than that. All I know is that I miss them, and this story is one of the few things I have to remember them by.

So, after waiting all this time, I've decided to go ahead and post the story. What follows here is just what we all wrote back and forth earlier this year. Most of the chapters include contributions from all three of us (and at this remove, I sometimes have trouble remembering where, say, Jeanne left off and I began), though some have more of, say, me or Jeanne, than the others. In particular, Dana was very new, both to writing, and to the whole bondage scene in general, and you may find her sections easy to identify, as there is a real sense of a strong personality emerging as she starts to explore her feelings about bondage, bisexuality... and girl-girl combat!

For those interested in such things, there's a note at the end of Chapter Three that gives an example of our working methods.

I should probably mention, by the way, that the pictures you'll see throughout the chapters usually have no specific relation to the story-- we just used them as sort of general "inspiration".

Before I lost touch with them, we had worked out the rest of the plot, so it would be possible for me to go ahead and finish it. I know it wouldn't be as good-- Dana, in particular, had some seriously fiendish ideas that I couldn't write half as vividly as she would have-- but I may give it a shot.

But even if this is all there is to the story, I think you'll find it enjoyable... I sure had a great time. Dana, Jeanne-- this one's for you.

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