By Ted

Chapter Two

"Come on let's go!" snarled the crook as he pulled Alissa out of the back of the car. The young cop looked around. She could tell they were in a shady part of town with a lot of rundown buildings. Knowing that, she probably knew that nobody would help her…if there were somebody around. She was then forced inside a small room of one of the buildings. The room was really messy, as papers lay scattered on the table and television. She also saw rope lying in a corner

"Alright cutie pie, sit down" he ordered as he forced Alissa into a wooden chair. The crook then grabbed the rope and secured her to the chair by winding it around her body three or four times before securing it off behind the chair

"Can't have you goin' anywhere" he snarled as he took more rope and secured her ankles tightly to each of the legs "You're too valuable"

Man I've got to get out of here…. But how?  Alissa thought as she felt the ropes tighten as she moved even a little Maybe I can somehow reason with him, try and convince him that's there's no way out…

"Grrrmmmpphhh!!!" Alissa said as she tried to talk, but nothing legible came out. Her tie gag was very effective as it was tied extremely tight

"You have something to say do you?" he responded as he walked behind her "I'm going to remove this, so don't try anything…. Understand?"

"Mmmm mmmm"

The crook then loosened the tight knot and pulled the tie from her dry mouth. Alissa gasped for a breath and worked her jaws around

"I could use some water." she said hoarsely "If you're going to keep me here for ransom…"

"You're right little lady"

The crook took a bottle from the small refrigerator and was about to give her some when Alissa spoke up

"Look, you're not going to get out of here…they know where I am…you won't get away"

The man then threw the bottle against a wall and re gagged Alissa again, adding a second tight knot for good measure

Real smart Thompson…. Piss him off…
"I knew you would say something smart. Now it's my turn, time for your job to pay up"
The man then took a small phone and started to dial it. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"Mmmmmpphhh!!!" Alissa said behind the gag as she tried to get the person's attention

"Shut up!" he ordered as he drew his gun. At that instant, the door was kicked in. Alissa's eyes lit up as it was John, her partner, plus a few other officers. Somehow they had found her

"Freeze!" John ordered as the crook was caught completely by surprise. "Read Mr. Kelly his rights"

John hustled over to Alissa and freed her gag and then worked on loosening her body ropes

"How did you find me?"

"Your belt buckle remember, the homing device?" he answered as he freed her ankles next

"So you knew where I was the whole time?"

John then smiled at her as she stood up. John then took his key & unlocked the cuffs from her wrists. Alissa then rubbed them for circulation, as the man had showed no mercy on how tight they were

"Sorry about everything" John added, "I bet you can't wait to get out of here huh?"

"You could say that again"


Man it's so beautiful….so beautiful… Alissa thought as the plane was approaching Honolulu international airport. She finally was going strike out on her own. I just hope that Jasmine is on time…but if she's not, that'll give me a chance to check out some of these island guys….Alissa could only smile at that thought.  

A few minutes later, the plane touched down and Alissa quickly gathered her bag from the overhead and made her way off the plane. The young girl then made her way through the walkway. She got her cell phone out of her bag and started to dial it. She then looked around her and saw all the WELCOME TO HONOLULU SIGNS around her. Then it hit her: I am here… After several rings, Alissa heard her cousin's voice on the other end.

"Hey, I just got in. Where do I have to go…Zone C…okay then, see you there…"

Alissa hung up her phone and was putting it back in her handbag when suddenly a guy bumped into her.

"Sorry" he said as he caught Alissa's eyes. God, he's gorgeous…this is going to be too much fun…She thought as she smiled and walked off. Several minutes of walking brought the young girl to Zone C. It was definitely where she had to pick up her baggage. She looked around but saw no sign of her cousin. It had been a few years, but she was pretty confident that she could spot her immediately. Just at that moment, Alissa felt a tap on her left shoulder and quickly turned around. She stood face to face with her cousin Jasmine, who by Alissa's reaction, had grown up a lot.

"Jasmine? Is that you?"

"Who do you think it is girl?" she exclaimed as she hugged Alissa tightly. Alissa could only remember her as a High School Senior who had not really stood out in a crowd, but a few years can change anybody. Jasmine was now drop dead gorgeous with an equally gorgeous tan. Her dark brown hair pulled back into a ponytail.

"Man, you have grown up" Alissa exclaimed, checking her younger cousin out. Jasmine was wearing a old t-shirt, jean cutoffs and flip-flops, quite the difference from Alissa who was wearing a yellow blouse and regular jeans.

"Alissa, you have to get some new clothes," Jasmine said to her. "This is Hawaii you know!"

Alissa looked at her almost embarrassingly. "I know it, you're right. But first, tell me what's up with you? How's school going?"

Jasmine rolled her eyes "Okay I guess. I actually cut back on some classes I didn't need"

"Why?" Alissa replied as she spotted her three bags on the luggage conveyor

"Well I wanted time to do other things…"

"Like boys?" Alissa shot back with a grin

Jasmine then laughed as she helped Alissa with her bags. The two girls then started to walk toward the parking garage.

"I meant what I said about helping you out"

"You mean with the money?" Jasmine replied, "I have an off-campus apartment Ali, it's not very big but…."

"I meant with finishing school. Look you're basically the only family I got left Jas. Well anyway, we have all the time in the world to talk about it okay?"

Jasmine nodded her head as she led Alissa to her car, which was a blue convertible

"Nice ride girl! I can't wait to get my own"

Alissa then put what she could in the small trunk and the rest of it, the girls stuffed in the back seat. After paying the parking fee, Jasmine squealed the tires pulling out. She then laughed as Alissa returned her feeling at the moment. This is so great…. This couldn't have worked out any better…

"So are we going to your apartment?" Alissa said looking around and seeing the gorgeous shoreline near Honolulu

"Not yet, I have a surprise first"

Alissa looked at her and then sat back "Okay then"

About fifteen minutes later, Jasmine pulled her car up to a condominium complex that was overlooking the ocean.

"Were here!"

Alissa was taken back. This is gorgeous…. Like everything else…

"Don't tell me you were thinking of moving here?"

Jasmine could only grin and nod her head quickly

"I don't think I can afford it though?" Alissa replied before breaking out into laughter and giving her cousin a high five

"There's Miss Tomiko's car. I told her we would meet her here after I picked you up from the airport…surprise!"

"What are we waiting for then!"

The girls got out and Jasmine led the way to the back of one of the spacious units

"Right over there"

Alissa took her hand and like two kids at Christmastime, the duo made their way to the condo. Walking up a small flight of stairs, Jasmine then knocked on the door.

"Miss Tomiko, we're here. It's Jasmine Cirella and Alissa Thompson…. Miss Tomiko?"

Jasmine then tried the door and found it open.

"Maybe she's in the back…Miss Tomiko…where are you?"

Just then the door shut behind them. The girls quickly turned around only to face a large hulking man. He had a ski mask on and pointed a gun right at them!

"If you don't want to see little Miss Real Estate lady get hurt, I suggest you cooperate and don't even think of screaming." The thug sneered as he pointed the gun at Jasmine's head getting a whimper out of her "Now move it!" he commanded as he pushed the girls to a back part of the condominium. Almost immediately they saw another masked thug keeping a guarded watch on Miss Tomiko whom was sitting on a couch. The pretty Hawaiian native was struggling from the bondage that the thugs had secured her with. Her hands brought together behind her back with rope and she was tied at the ankles and above the knees. A wad of cloth was held in her mouth by a black scarf that was tied tightly over it, gagging her silent.

"Mmmmphhhh!!! Ggrrmmppphh!!!"

"Oh my God, is this a robbery?" Jasmine stammered, not thinking clearly, since the unit was empty

"What's going on then?" Alissa piped up, not believing that she was almost an hour into her new life and walking into the same danger she had faced on the force

"That's enough chatter ladies, lets make these two comfortable don't you think?…lie down on the floor and put your hands behind your backs"

"Do as he says," the second thug replied "And no one gets hurt" he added as he tossed some clothesline to his partner

Jasmine looked at her cousin and Alissa returned her worried stare…It's not your fault…we'll get out of this…


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