The Cat Burglars

By Amy Flanagan

Part One

Kate, Emma and Sharon were the best trio of cat burglars in the business.

Appropriately, they always went about their work dressed in tight black spandex catsuits. Their suits clung to and emphasised every curve of their bodies - and those young women certainly had plenty of curves to emphasise. Their wide, shiny belts, always pulled tight, and their shiny knee-length boots helped to make their figures look even better.

Tonight they were targeting the country house of Andrew Gurney. He was a fabulously successful investor, who had done extremely well when others had lost fortunes when the stock markets crashed. As a result, he could easily afford a huge mansion, standing in several acres of garden. It could barely be seen from the road, especially as it was screened by high walls and lots of trees, and the nearest house was half a mile away.

Their driver parked their van in a little alley next to the rear wall. It was obscured by bushes, so it was very unlikely to be spotted by cars driving past on the main road. Emma climbed out. Noting that the wall was topped with barbed wire, she took out a telescoping probe and extended it to its full length so it could touch the wire. "It's not electrified," she told her friends.

The driver got out and took a ladder from the back of the van. Climbing it, he used a thick duvet to cover the wire. "That'll stop you getting scratched, girls," he said cheerfully. He tied a strong rope to the top rung and threw the other end over the wall. Climbing down, he held the ladder as each of them went up and used the rope to climb down to the other side. He had a superb view of each woman's bottom as she climbed the ladder. Maybe he could earn more when he did his own burgling, but this job sure had its fringe benefits.

As the last of them dropped onto the long grass, they heard a sound of barking. Two huge guard dogs were rushing towards them, mouths open to reveal rows of sharp teeth. But the gang was well prepared; before the dogs could reach them, two shots from a silenced pistol stopped their barking. Leaving the dead dogs sprawled where they lay, the gang moved rapidly but cautiously through the grounds to the house. When they got there, they pulled on tight black hoods that covered their faces entirely except for their eyes. While they believed the house to be unoccupied, they never took chances.

A brief scout around soon located a burglar alarm. They laughed at how unsophisticated it was as they rapidly disabled it. They easily found a window that could be opened by a crowbar. Within a few minutes, they were inside. Once in, they heard faint sounds. Creeping cautiously and silently towards the sound, they saw a door that was ajar, with light from the room beyond. Sharon peered carefully around the door.

A girl was sitting an expensive leather armchair, watching television. It was the Gurneys' 21 year old daughter Jodie. This was unexpected, but the gang were far from concerned. It was scarcely the first time that they had found someone in a house that they were burgling, and they knew how to deal with her. Sharon crept up silently behind the armchair, the luxuriously thick carpet muffling her tread and the noise of the television drowning out any sound there was. The girl was so absorbed by the programme that she noticed nothing until a gloved hand was clamped over her mouth, and her nose was squeezed between a forefinger and thumb.

Jodie tried to scream, but the hand covering her nose and mouth effectively stifled the sound. She reached up frantically to grab the hand, but Emma and Kate, standing on each side of Sharon, grabbed Jodie's arms and twisted them viciously. Jodie was forced to lean forward, with Sharon never loosening her iron grip. Soon, Jodie's hands were handcuffed behind her back. The burglars then pulled Jodie upright in the chair and Emma and Kate held her arms firmly. Struggle as she might, Jodie was no match for the team of young women, who were very experienced at controlling their victims. Sharon released her hold, and Jodie gasped for air, having been nearly suffocated. Sharon came round to the front, grabbed Jodie's frantically flailing legs, pulled off her shoes and put manacles around her slender ankles. Once she had her breath back, Jodie started yelling at the top of her voice, but the women could not care less, knowing that nobody else could possibly hear.

However, it was time to show Jodie in no uncertain terms who was boss. Emma kept one hand to hold Jodie's arm, and with her other she gripped a handful of Jodie's long blonde hair and pulled her head back savagely. Jodie's mouth opened even wider, and Sharon used both hands to stuff in a dirty rag, deliberately soaked in chemicals to give it an awful taste. Despite renewing her struggles and trying to push the rag out with her tongue, Jodie could not stop Sharon pushing the rag right in. It filled Jodie's mouth until her cheeks bulged, and went so far back that it tickled her throat, making her want to vomit. With her forefinger and thumb, Emma pinched Jodie's lips together around the rag, and Sharon soon had several pieces of wide sticky tape plastered over her mouth, sealing in the tape. A long piece, stretched tightly under her chin from ear to ear, completed the process. Her yells were now reduced to no more than a few quiet whimpers.

"On your feet now," snapped Sharon. When the terrified girl failed to respond immediately, she was hauled out of the chair. Gagged, handcuffed and manacled, she had no idea what to do and just stood there, trembling at the three frightening apparitions in their tight spandex, completely black except for their eyes.

The gang contiued with their well-practised routine. Sharon put a hand inside the waistband of Jodie's miniskirt and, not bothering to undo it, used a knife to slash the skirt down to its hem. It fell off the girl's waist and tumbled in a heap around her manacled ankles, exposing her black thong and her well-rounded bottom. Almost simultaneously, Emma took a handful of the neckline of Jodie's top and slashed down. She continued with her knife in several places until the top, cut into pieces, joined the skirt on the floor. The gang could all now see that Jodie was wearing a black lacy bra that nicely matched her thong.

Much as the women enjoyed the sight of the pretty girl in her sexy black lingerie, business had to come before pleasure. Kate grabbed the thong's waistband and pulled it away from Jodie's right side. With a cut to the waistband, followed by another cut on th eleft side, the thong joined the girl's other clothes, revealing her most intimate area. Emma pulled the front of the bra forward and slashed between the cups, then its shoulder straps were cut and it too dropped off. Her firm young breasts were exposed.

Helpless, vulnerable and frightened as Jodie felt, gagged, naked and in bondage, she was soon made to feel even more helpless. The women knew that a handcuffed girl could get her wrists over her bottom and feet, allowing her to get her hands in front and reach her gag. There was an easy way to stop that. Sharon wrapped some thin nylon cord around Jodie's elbows. Emma and Kate pushed the elbows together and Sharon tightened the cord. As her elbows got closer together, Jodie's shoulders were pulled backwards. Eventually, the gang forced her elbows to touch. Having her elbows touching and shoulders forced back made Jodie's already firm breasts stick out even more. Satisfied, Sharon tied the cord tightly and cinched the knot. The tight coils dug deep into Jodie's skin. Jodie's hands were pressed together, palm to palm. More cord tied her wrists very tightly together, with several turns and the cord well cinched, reinforcing the handcuffs. Jodie's arms were pressed together from elbows to wrists. Now let the girl try to get her hands in front!

Several turns of sticky tape were wrapped around Jodie's fingers, immobilising them, and then around both hands, pressing them together behind her back. There was already no way that she could reach any of the knots at her wrists or elbows, but the tape was a powerful psychological move that the gang knew would make the girl feel even more helpless and discourage her from resisting.

Jodie was taken by surprise when Kate, standing behind her, suddenly slapped some goo over each eye. It stung, and instinctively she shut her eyes and screwed them up. Kate quickly wrapped a scarf around her head and tied it firmly, holding it in place. The goo would soon set solid, completely preventing even the slightest trace of light from reaching Jodie's eyes. Even if Jodie could get the scarf off, she would still be well and truly blind.

Now the gang moved smoothly to the next stage of their routine, while Jodie was disoriented from being suddenly blindfolded. Kate grabbed her from behind, wrapping her arms tightly around Jodie's waist and one leg hooked round her legs so that she could not move. Sharon then ripped all the tape off Jodie's face, not caring how it hurt, and pulled the rag out of her mouth. Jodie started yelling again, and was silenced with a hand over her mouth and nose that remained in position until she nearly suffocated.

"We're the ones in charge here. If you know what's good for you, you'd better not make us angry," said Sharon calmly as she released her victim. Jodie remained quiet. "Now, girl," Sharon continued in the same calm tone," is there a safe in the house?"

Jodie did her best to pull away from Kate, failed, and said angrily, "I won't tell you anything, you damned ... oof!"

The "oof" was the sound of the air being knocked out of her body as Sharon savagely punched her stomach. Jodie was prevented from collapsing by Kate's firm hold on her. However, before she knew where she was, she was across Kate's lap on the sofa, held down firmly by all three women, unable to escape no matter how much she wriggled, and being given a thorough spanking. Soon her pert, round bottom was bright red.

It did not take much longer for Jodie to decide to be more co-operative, and she revealed all she knew to the gang. They went through the house systematically, dragging the naked, bound and blindfolded girl with them, reaping a goodly harvest of valuables.

Eventually, they were done. They re-gagged their captive, stuffing her mouth even more than before with rags, and plastering tape all over her face. Even if Jodie had dared to try and scream, hardly any sound could have emerged. "You've been a very good little girl, and so we're going to do something special for you," Sharon told her. Jodie wondered dimly what on earth they would do.

Among the gang's loot was a massive chess set, with the white pieces made of solid silver. Before she knew what was happening, Jodie was across Kate's lap again, with her knees pulled apart and a white bishop several inches long being forced into her. Try as she might, she could not prevent the large, pointed object going right inside her. No sooner had the gang completed this painful insertion than Jodie was turned over. "A bit ironic, what we're doing with this female piece," said Sharon drily, as the queen went into Jodie's most intimate opening. It was significantly longer and thicker than the bishop, but after a struggle in it went. A strip of adhesive tape, from Jodie's navel and through her crotch, ensured that neither piece could come out.

"Right, girl, we're going." At first, Jodie was relieved to hear that. She wanted nothing more than to be rid of these terrible burglars, even if she were left naked, tied up and helpless. But then she was hauled to her feet and dragged out of the room. They were going to take her with them! Of course, there was nothing she could do about it as she was dragged, sightless, through the back door and across the garden. She was shivering as much from fear as from her nakedness in the cold garden. Blindfolded, she could not see that the gang's driver had put a second ladder on the inside of the wall to help them climb over with their loot. Sharon forced Jodie to climb the ladder, wich was no easy task for a blindfolded and manacled girl with her arms pinned behind her. Jodie's breasts, forced out by the unnatural position of her arms, rubbed painfully over the rungs. While Sharon did this, the others went back to get more of the loot.

The driver, waiting by the wall, was mildly surprised to see a head wrapped in a scarf and festooned with adhesive tape, but he reacted rapidly. As Jodie was pushed over the wall and started to fall head first, he rushed over and caught her. He effortlessly carried her to the van and threw her with a thump onto the floor inside. She was soon joined by several sacks of loot and the three young women, who had pulled off their hoods. The driver shut the doors behind them, jumped into the driving seat and started the engine. He would gladly have given the gang twice his fee to join them in the back, but he knew better than to suggest it.

The gang soon made their frantic captive even more helpless. Several turns of thin nylon cord, well cinched, went around Jodie's legs, above and below the knee, and around her ankles. The ankle ropes dug in painfully, but the others were less tight. Jodie wondered if her captors were suddenly getting less brutal, but she soon found otherwise. They rolled her over to be face down. Sharon lifted Jodie's feet and tied a rope around her ankle bonds. Raising Jodie's wrists, she passed the other end of the rope under and over her wrist bonds, and pulled. Jodie's ankles and wrists moved inexorably closer. As her legs bent, they got wider, making the bonds around her knees dig in more and more. Sharon kept pulling until Jodie's ankles were only inches from her wrists and her back was arched painfully. Only then did she tie off the rope, leaving Jodie in a very stringent hogtie. She rolled Jodie again to be face up, with her breasts sticking out, and knelt beside her.

"Don't worry, girl," said Sharon, as she played with Jodie's breasts. "We'll soon be back at base. You ain't seen nothing yet - not that you'll ever be allowed to see anything when we get there."


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